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Immortal Defense - (Tower defense. Demo available.)
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Pathborn  [développeur] 18 sept 2012 à 22h37
useful resources and links for immortal defense
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Hate to poke, but when will we get steamkeys? :3
Pathborn  [développeur] 3 mai 2014 à 0h58 
most likely. i still have yet to fill out the paperwork and learn how steam works, but i believe steam allows you to request batches of keys, which i can then send to people who bought it previously.
Yay! bought it back in '09.

Really happy to see you on steam Paul.

Shine on ;)
The soundtrack, FAQ, and review link pages are dead (page not found).
Pathborn  [développeur] 16 mai 2015 à 13h51 
sorry, will fix them soon!
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