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Steam Marines
apsyse  [developer] Dec 12, 2012 @ 5:54am
Steam Marines Gameplay and Mechanics Guide
(Last updated for v0.6.8a on 12 December 2012)

Leader - Has a shotgun with a knockback effect. Talents lean toward squad buffing and area control/denial.
Scout - Has a long range rifle that can hit multiple enemies in a row. Talents lean toward crowd control, and enemy detection and evasion.
Grenadier - Has a grenade launcher which deals area-of-effect and can destroy terrain and damage friendlies. Talents lean toward softening groups of enemies.
Support - Has a machine gun with high single target damage. Talents lean toward eliminating single targets as quickly as possible.

Gameplay Tips
  • Descend to the next level using the elevator.
  • Direction and firing are along cardinal directions.
  • Marines may fire through one another. Grenadier area-of-effect (aoe) deals friendly fire.
  • Marines can attempt to smash down wall tiles by moving into them.
  • Swapping positions can be useful for maneuvering in tight quarters or for soaking damage from enemies.
  • Aoe damage cannot kill units outright, only reduce health to 1.
  • Targeting an enemy at max range guarantees a 100% hit chance. Very useful when using an inaccurate weapon or fighting an enemy with high evasion.
  • Enemies have less Action Points than an average marine. They make up for that by dealing relatively high damage.
  • Marine armor and weapons are class specific; e.g. the Leader cannot use a grenade launcher.
  • The laser sight provide +10% accuracy and the flashlight provides +1 sight range. Cycling attachments costs 1 Action Point.
  • Follow Mode can be initiated when the squad is close together; all marines will follow the active marine and all but the Grenadier will autofire on enemies within range.
  • Guard Mode allows a marine to fire on hostile units in their line of sight during the enemy turn.
  • Using an item requires 1 Action Point. You cannot use an Adrenal Shot with no Action Points!
  • Grenades can deal friendly fire.
  • Some weapons have special effects. Names with "Inferno" indicate the weapon can set targets on fire. Armor names do not yet add effects.
  • You gain some experience just for spotting enemies. It's not always the best idea to engage.
  • The interact key can close doors.
  • Getting knocked out into space is typically instant death.
  • Flanking shots (from the sides) will face enemies toward the firing squad member.
  • Shots from behind enemies are instantly criticals except in Follow Mode.
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pineshades May 19, 2013 @ 8:49am 
If this games comes out on steam, I'm definetly buying it.
apsyse  [developer] May 19, 2013 @ 4:11pm 
Thanks, PineShades! :D
apsyse  [developer] Sep 25, 2013 @ 8:03am 
This is pretty old. A basic tutorial will be incoming in v0.8.3a (next build).
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