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Tao  [developer] Mar 8 @ 7:25am
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is this mod not a Total Conversion?
For a player this is basically a Total Conversion. The reason it is published as a mod is that this leads to much much faster loading times for players, as well as faster update times for us developers.

How can I get fiber?
We changed how getting fiber works, you now have an engram in your inventory, from the very beginning, that allows you to craft fiber from plant parts.
If the engram does not show up you are likely on an old savegame (consider making a new one!), if you die and respawn the issue should be fixed!

I cannot seem to get thatch from trees, what’s up with that?
Thatch is not something commonly harvested from trees, so we updated that a bit.
To obtain thatch first gather plant parts from bushes, then wait for them to dry (“spoil”) into thatch. You can speed this up by building a hay bundle to dry plant parts in.

I cannot harvest anything from bushes
Make sure to remove the line "useoptimizedharvestinghealth=true" from your startup command line and GameUserSettings.ini

Mod XYZ is not working with this Mod, help!
This mod is basically a total conversion, so it is very hard to make other mods compatible. That said, we are working on a “compatibility program” that allows certain mods to be directly compatible with SurvivalPlus, including balanced crafting recipes. Our first candidate for this are Eco’s mods. In addition we are very open about “mod enabler” mods, that allow converting our resources into resources required for other mods. If you are a mod developer interested in making your mod work with SurvivalPlus please let us know!

Some engrams cannot be learned when playing on a server!
Please contact the server admin, they most likely installed the mod as Total Conversion by accident, or the mod did not fully download. We can help with any technical issues, please make sure the server admin contacts us!

Can I speed up gathering plant parts somehow?
Use a stone knife like a sickle!

I found only very little berries for my dinos, what should I do?
Herbivores eat thatch and plant parts as well, and thatch never spoils!

What professions are currently available?
Survivors can currently choose from Alchemist, Blacksmith, Builder, Carpenter, Entrepreneur, Farmer, Mason and Tailor.
The next available profession will be the hunter.

I am experiencing crashes when starting ARK or installing mods
Please try the following steps:
1) Unsubscribe from all mods - make sure to keep the links to re-subscribe later
2) Delete the installed mod files by deleting all content from "Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods\"
3) Delete the downloaded mod cache files by deleting all content from "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\346110\"
4) Restart Steam
5) In steam go to "Libraries", find "ARK: Survival Evolved", right click and select "Properties", then go to the "Local Files" tab and finally press "Verify integrity of game files". Let this process finish.
6) Re-subscribe to your mods
7) Done!
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as craft chest and arms?
This mod is good for singol player?
Tao  [developer] Mar 12 @ 5:32pm 
If you are on single player it's best to modify your engram points so you can learn multiple professions!
Chests and storage can be crafted by the carpenter
Demon Mar 14 @ 6:01pm 
how do you get cotton and flax?
Tao  [developer] Mar 14 @ 6:15pm 
@gothic seetan: You need to grind poop in the mortar and pestle for a chance of getting seeds!
Love this mod! A few questions: How can i build a iron forge? How do i get Metal Nails? Do i have to force feed my tamed dinos? My Dire Wolf is starving because it seems that it doesn't eat on its own. I always have to force feed it.
Tao  [developer] Mar 19 @ 5:15am 
Hello LittleMsSam!
Thank you for the kind words!

Regarding your questions:
The mason builds the iron forge, the blacksmith makes metal nails (at the blacksmith anvil).
Tamed dinos eat on their own, you probably either have a dino from an old savegame, or meat from an old savegame (this can happen if the dinos did not respawn since). To fix this use "Destroywilddinos".
If the wolf is from an old savegame we sadly cannot do anything, it only eats vanilla meat by default, and our meat is not vanilla (it is set up for our nutrient system)
hi Tao!
nice work ^^
Nests work fine on any map?
Your TC/mod work fine on any map or have a prefered map to work great today?
Tao  [developer] Mar 22 @ 2:38pm 
Every map should work, and if any maps don't work let us know and we will fix it!
Nests and other dynamic spawns also work on all maps!
You can REMOVE the durability of the structures?
chevy Mar 23 @ 11:39am 
hi me again =)

are there 5 professions in the mod atm?
farmer, carpenter, blacksmith, mason, and tailor? or am I missing sth?
after learning the professions we are able to build tables for every profession at the work table except the farmer. where can we find the farmer stuff. thx for your time.
Tao  [developer] Mar 23 @ 11:40am 
Yes these are available at the moment.
The farmer should also be available at the work table but I will take a look at it!
chevy Mar 23 @ 12:30pm 
we found the farmers table. =}
It was not in the structures->crafting foldier. so we overlooked it.
Okay I asked about doors in another discussion and was told it should be in the carpenters craft, but I simply cannot find it. Is there a specific place where they are found? I'm askying about the actual doors and not the doorways. The wood ones. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.
Tao  [developer] Mar 24 @ 11:25am 
It should be in the carpenters table under structures, at least that's where it is for me!
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