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Pro Cycling Manager 2016

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Benji Naesen  [developer] Jan 16 @ 4:45am
Bugs: Statistics
If you found a rider with unfitting or wrong statistics or think someone needs an up/downgrade. Comment it here and we'll check it out.
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Benji Naesen  [developer] Jan 17 @ 12:15pm 
Kayo, I looked into the stats you proposed and we went through them with our team.

We went on with your Kruijswijk & Mollema change.
Chaves won't be downgraded as we need his high mountain to sustain his hill results as PCM has this weird way of combining MO and HIL for hilly races/steep climbs. Therefore if we change it, he'll ride super weird.

Kruijswijk's TT, since he didn't do too great in the non-mountain tt, we'll keep it for now until we see some new results this year.

For Poels we won't change too much because if we do, he won't work for Froome anymore, which was what he did at the Tour. we'll up his secondary stats a bit though to forfill your happiness. (and his MON to 80 as a test, if it's too overrated, we'll change back) ;)
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Okay well the stats overall are much more realistic then I had on databases in other years.
normally i want to change a lot, but in this one not so much.
When I see another rider I will inform you.

and its true about chaves I was not sure about him.
Benji Naesen  [developer] Jan 18 @ 6:21am 
Kayo, if u do want to change stats for yourselves. U can copy the whole db folder in the workshop to Mod in documents/ pcm somewhere. Then it won't update it.
Oh you're serious?
I thought it wasn't possible because it was an workshop DB.
Well lucky me I have saved it somewhere, well thanks
Misschien moet Van Avermaet nog een update krijgen?
I think that Gatis Smukulis (Delko) could have more than 56 in flat and higher TT and PRL, I know him as a cronoman, not a sprinter
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j.robin3 Mar 18 @ 12:05pm 
An update of the rating is planned following the results of the beginning of the season ?
Benji Naesen  [developer] Mar 18 @ 3:54pm 
Yeah, I'll try to fix one whenever I have time. Don't expect too much difference until the actual cobble classics as I want to be sure the riders are not having a one-time funsie.
BBK Mar 21 @ 11:11pm 
George Bennett (lotto nl) had a good season last year with vuelta the tour and a good start this year so far I think some better climbing stats nothing to special
Benji Naesen  [developer] Mar 22 @ 10:53am 
TKA, he already has 76/75. That's plenty.
BBK Mar 22 @ 9:32pm 
k thx man
Mikkel Bjerg and Rasmus Quaade from team Giant Castelli, both have very wierd PRL stats
Kan Dylan Groenewegen iets hogere klassiekerstats krijgen, hij is vrij goed op de kasseien
Alvast bedankt!
k@cem Mar 27 @ 12:04pm 
Kragh Anderson (Sunweb) Cob +4
Korsaeth (Astana) Cob +7
Pöstelberger (Bora) Cob +15 , Ryd +5
Benji Naesen  [developer] Mar 28 @ 6:59am 
I'll look into that all. :)
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