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FineAllDay Games  [developer] Jan 23 @ 12:46pm
How much would you pay for Sunpolis?
Fineallday is a small canadien studio and Sunpolis is our first game. We want make things right and that is why we ask you: How much do you think would be the right price for Sunpolis?

2$ ? 3$ ? 5$ ? 7$ ?...

This question is for those who would actually be interested in buying it. :)

For the moment, we aim for a price between 3$ to 5$.
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I'm not a fan of the arty type games with minimal gameplay so I wont be buying, but I am here to give you an advice, If you want your game to sell well(specially considering that this is your first game on steam) then you shouldn't go higher than 2$ for such a game, and that is assuming that you are going to make achievements and steam trading cards.
Good luck
Clifford Jan 23 @ 4:32pm 
$5 sounds fine. Most simple, minimalistic games go up to 3 GBP in the UK which is 5 CAD.
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Veskaida Jan 23 @ 4:54pm 
If you aren't sure about a price point, or are willingly for a flexible one, I would recommend having:

Base Game: the game itself.
DLC: which could as the game's sound track, a compillation of the game's art assets, design details or pre-production art maybe even descriptions of features which were cut from the game. Think of it like a "DVD for a movie with 'director's cut special features'".

That way, you could sell the base game for say $5, and the "Special Edition" for $7 or so. Maybe even a separate posting for the DLC for $2, in case someone decides later down the line to pick it up.
Arata Jan 23 @ 4:59pm 
5$ sounds alright to me. Also, If you launch the game at a discount (say, 10% off), I believe it'd be more appealing, because you know, people are normally more inclined to buy something that's on sale :3 But that's just a suggestion of course. Best of luck to you guys.

Edit: And it'd be really nice if you guys add trading cards + achievements to the game as well :3
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FineAllDay Games  [developer] Jan 23 @ 6:04pm 
Wow! thank you so much for taking the time to share thoughtful answers!!! We really appreciate it!! @HardcoreGamer90s, Clifford, Veskaida, Arata
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$5 seems fair.
5 $ are completely ok, I would buy the game.
FineAllDay Games  [developer] Jan 30 @ 8:53am 
Thanks! ▐ 💕 KEBAB ! + azirphaeli
I Would Play This ALot For $5.00
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FineAllDay Games  [developer] Jan 30 @ 9:29am 
Thanks! @drakej.dolby
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