Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Arthmoor  [developer] Jul 17 @ 11:38pm
Mod Update 2.4.1
A note about the update to version 2.4.1. The ini file that is mentioned in the change notes will not install to the correct location. In the Workshop's infinite wisdom, that ends up in the following location:

C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\alternate start - live another life.ini

It needs to actually be placed in the Data folder, on this path:

C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\alternate start - live another life.ini

Substitute the location of your Steam folder where I've put C:\Steam since that's where mine is located.
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deadlyifrit Jul 18 @ 12:31am no longer works by default now? are you going to fix this?
Arthmoor  [developer] Jul 18 @ 12:34am 
Not sure what you mean. The ini file is a new feature that stops your hands from returning to the bound position while in the race menu. The command to fix that after you're done is still in the mod.

The issue here is not something I can fix. Valve or Bethesda, not sure who, unpacks the ini file to the wrong location and it has to be moved manually.
--§)>>Windsturm<<(§-- Jul 18 @ 6:58am 
I don't really had trouble with the hands, I just needed to raise my fists the first time, and my hands were unbound...
Arthmoor  [developer] Jul 18 @ 11:47am 
True, but some folks really wanted a way to keep it from happening on the race menu too :P
--§)>>Windsturm<<(§-- Jul 18 @ 1:43pm 
Whatever it needs to make the people happy, right?
Shaquishwa Nikita Jul 18 @ 10:19pm 
will you ever add a option to join the volkihar vampires?
robotking Aug 7 @ 12:48pm 
Arthmoor, my game makes it written in Russian, how can i fix this?
Omega :.(.. Oct 29 @ 2:55am 
i download this mod and an ini file doesnt even show up
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