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Nice work!
Played the Demo over on and came here to vote. Awesome to see you're already Greenlit, congrats.
Super enjoyable game. Love the enemy design, really clear what techniques are best for killing each. Felt like by the end of the demo I really had my technique down. The more hectic combat felt really similar to the new DOOM (which is a huge compliment) :D
Obviously it's early days, but I'm looking forward to more enemy types!
Level design is great (particularly liked the one that's like a giant elevator). Layouts are nice and clear, never really got lost or confused. Thought that the (few) occasions where enemies spawned behind me was kinda unfair, but otherwise great stuff.
Difficulty felt a little low, I only died a coupla times in the whole play through, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing. I had a great time. Finished in 1 sitting and was sad it was over. It was refreshing to play something fun where I felt like a badass, instead of some super-hard slog where I have to play the same difficult section over and over.
UI/HUD are really clever. Liked that a lot - esp when you start getting new weapon Gliphs and the the mutated hands. That feels Rad.
Similarly enjoyed the sound design too - fitted with the style of the game, and I love the little nod to Quake with the Jump sounds. Music did get Kinda repetitive. Not that the tune was bad, I just heard too much of it!
Over all this was a super fun demo and I'm really looking forward to more. Really impressive stuff.

Few Bugs:
* Running dual screen with Extended desktop. On running the game I had the menu bleep sound constantly playing if I moved the mouse (disabling second screen solved it).
* The Options menu didn't work for me, and every level started with the pause menu open, and I had to click once, then close it. Seemed like a bug? Maybe it's a feature :P
* In the level that's a massive elevator theres a gap you have to jump near the end. If you fall in the gap you can go down a tunnel and collect an upgrade to your health bar. If I just jumped the gap it was fine, but if I jumped down and got the health upgrade, I couldn't get out (even using the same crate I used to get across before)

* Enemies have an active range which is less than my weapon range. At times it was possible to just keep enemies out of range and shoot them. Figure this is for performance, but an infrequent raycast to see if player is visible and an activation over-ride might prevent exploitation.
* The turret enemies didn't seem like enough of a threat for how infrequently they fired. They didn't shoot a lot, and their damage was the same as a guncrab thing. Felt like they should have done 2hp, that way they're not likely to shoot you, but if they do, you're in trouble!
* Everything is intuitive, which is great. The only thing that took a little figuring out was how ammo worked once you have 2+ weapons. It was tiresome to keep changing weapons in order to recharge one while using another. Perhaps ammo pick ups could recharge your current weapon the most, but also restore a little ammo to all the others?
* Please add ScrollWheel weapon change. I pretty much clocked the demo using the 1st weapon and Melee. Battles are hectic, and changing weapons quickly on the number keys slows you down.

Anyway, top work dude. Loved it and I'm looking forward to more.
(Played on Build 0.3.92)