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Project AFTER
Assist King Apr 26, 2014 @ 3:32pm
To the devs, the future of AFTER
So i have some questions... one i posed in the comments, this is a better place.
1) What are your plans for making money to sustain the game? Micro-transactions seem to always be a thing people gravitate to because they look cheap and give good items (but balance is the key). Adverts are used by some... though can get annoying. Premium subscription is always an option but then there will probably be perks that free players don't get, or all around features they don't have access to (personally I don't like premium subscription ordeals but that is something to look at).

2) what sort of gameplay will you be looking for? It looks like this game is going to be promising but is there terramorphing or just the ability to chop trees and mine and build? I'd like some elaboration on this.

3) what are you doing with the kickstarter money?

4) what's your end all be all goal for the game? (elaboration if possible)

5) 3D free roam games such as this usually have issues with smooth terraforming and building as there are no real "flat" surfaces, what will be done to make sure this isn't an issue?

These are pretty crude questions but I honestly really just want to hear more about what you are thinking of doing and what you plan on doing to combat flaws of other games.

Thanks if i get a reply,
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de3Sol  [developer] Apr 26, 2014 @ 4:16pm 
1) We're not completely sure yet! Mostly likely, it will be the dreaded Micro-transaction for items that do not affect gameplay (different visuals for spells and such ala PoE), or for quick unlocks for those who are impatient to play for a few hours (ala TF2 weapons). Quite possibly, we may be using other projects for fundraising, and create a lot of non-game media for the game.

2) Our inspiration has been more from Diablo, Borderlands, and Skyrim. We've spent a lot more time on the combat, AI, and parkour systems than we have on the terrain system, and we're currently working on getting the quests working with cutscenes. Of course, we're not forgetting that our roots were from trying to make a 3D Terraria, so you can still punch trees and place blocks.

3) The Kickstarter money will be used to pay licensing costs of software libraries such as Havok Physics and FMOD. If we have extra money, I'll be trying to buy an Oculus Rift developer kit if the other guys let me. We have no extra goals that appear with more money, as that's just ridiculous and will make development time unrealistic.

4) All together, we want to have a multiplayer sandbox game with loot, fighting, and roleplay. Each member is expecting something a little bit different. Personally, I want an RPG with thievery, fighting, exploration and more thievery, with a ton of replayability. One of the other guys wants to be able to create a nation with his fists, and another wants to just do quests, take sides, and be tanky.
As much as we would like to, we don't mean to create the end-all game. We just want something we can play for a while and all enjoy.

5) I know what you mean! Where we started.[] It didn't play out well, so we stuck with cubes[] for a while. In January, I rewrote the terrain system from scratch. The dude who wrote the terrain system for Everquest Next (VoxelFarm engine) wrote a great deal of blog posts about his system. It's a variation of marching cubes (first image) called "dual contouring." We store the angle of a surface in addition to the block type, and the algorithm computes a corresponding mesh. One of our issues early one with the new system actually was we had too many hard edges!
Anyways I messed up the algorithm two nights ago while making spheres, so the shading isn't hard at the moment, but this[] should give a rough idea of what's possible once we polish it up a little.
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Assist King Apr 26, 2014 @ 8:41pm 
Thank you for getting back to me :D YAY! Answers. This game is exactly what I've been wanting for so long. I'll definitely follow this with a good deal of enthusaism. I'd love to hear more if you have anything else to say.

What are you thinking of doing for resource management at this moment (how you collect and store your blocks and items)? Something like terarria I would assume? The idea is something I've longed for for so long. I actually started creating a game with a friend of mine with a very similar idea but we had a falling out and the idea, along with the friendship, was scrapped and we went our seperate ways. We were thinking of the very same concept, a 3D Terraria (though our vision was a bit less cell shady but I like the way it looks :D (plus it cuts down on texturing ;P and is something people don't mind))
The way you describe your micro-transactiosn definitely sounds safe, and aesthetics usually are things people care more about than stats so you could probably even add in different looking weapons and armor with very similar stats to normal weapons and armor, adds more incentive to buy them to "look cool" in the game.
The answers you gave definitely answered the questions and thank you for the pictures :) They definitely give me more hope in the project, you guys problem solved one of the big issues in game making, the graphics.
Round two of questions maybe? :)
1) What kind of ideas do you guys currently have for the terraforming in the future... I don't see it completely happening like minecraft, one block at a time, but would things like explosives be heavily used or mostly by hand?

2) What kind of combat are you guys thinking of? how do you imagine it playing out in the future (maybe not the end product but what would you like to see combat wise)? I know dungeon crawling was mentioned.

3) Are pre-generated towns and NPC's going to be added in as well? I personally know I sometimes hate dealing with other people for items as they can get pesky and annoying with trying to get more money or their prices are inflated (if, and at this point I'd assume there will be, there is a trade system implemented at some point)

I'm sorry for asking so many questions on the first couple days it has been on greenlight but It's definitely something I'm interested in seeing become a reality. If you can't answer some at this time it isn't a big deal, these questions are thinking pretty far into the future and the answers you give won't probably be the end result but I love hearing what a dev has to say about their game. It is thrilling to see a dev answer questions completely and give good, well thought out answers.
Keep up the good work! I'll probably have more questions at some point but I'll spare you some as it is very early in development still and I'm beginning to ask things that really aren't going to be concrete yet.
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Assist King Apr 26, 2014 @ 9:13pm 
Also, subscribed to your youtube channel.
yungkaonashi Apr 27, 2014 @ 9:04am 
†BLΛCK† Apr 27, 2014 @ 9:50pm 
de3Sol  [developer] Apr 28, 2014 @ 7:48am 
Ah, a round two!
1) For building, at least, we're thinking to allow more than one block to be placed. Left clicking with a block out at one point changed the size and shape of the cursor, and we'd like to bring that back.
Other methods for excavation will, yes, likely include explosives. Thinking back about it now, we probably should have shown tossing a bundle of explosives in the video. For more hardcore terraforming, we're playing around with ideas for a rare joke item called Essence of *, where * is a terrain type and/or biome type. With the current system, it would rerun generation with a few extra parameters over an area. Still an idea, and will be rare: think about the griefing potential!

2) For melee combat, what we started with as a target was a cross between Dark Messiah: Might and Magic, and Oblivion/Skyrim. We would like to have a very noticable difference between weapon types, and a punishing melee combat system that has more than one way of being successful at it. That doesn't include spamming.
The magic combat is defined somewhat a lot more loosely, since there are three schools of magic in the game. The Chaos magic we would like to have it end up fairly loosely played, with an emphasis on thinking about counters and managing mana - the Chaos magic tree gets a shield for a level 1/2 ability, and it can be combined with spells to give an elemental resistance. There's sort of a rock-paper-scissors going on with the elements right now.
The 'Eastern' magic would rely a lot more on preparing things beforehand: setting up traps and other dirty tricks, and stocking up on instant-cast papers. They would play out a lot faster than the other two magic styles.
The ranged combat is sort of the oddball, so our focus there is to make the bows feel good, counter the magic casters somehow, and have some sort of issue with the melee.

3) Pre-generated towns and NPC's will be added in, and are pretty high up the list. While there are plans for shops and such, there isn't yet a plan for a currency or economy system.

And thank you for the subscription! Definitely do not mind the questions, myself.
Assist King Apr 28, 2014 @ 1:47pm 
I like the idea of a barter system, you give items in return for some instead of an end all currency.... sure, precious materials maybe could be used (gold, diamonds, etc. if they are added) which aren't useless (maybe gold and diamonds can be made into a ring, you trade the ring for some food and stuff since you are running dangerously low and you can't enchant (which may be a cool thing). so you traded the ring for food now, what that person does is now makes the ring into a level 1 enchanted item (these are just things im making up now...) and it has like an HP boost of 20, the item is worth a bit, but only to the right person. If you try to trade it with someone who already has a level 2 enchanted ring of HP with a bonus 40HP then they really don't need it and will give you less, find someone who wants one badly and you'll be able to haggle for a lot more.
With shops, you could have a rough value of an item set but that can become tough.... If it is an item in the shops i guess it would be worth less than an item you can't buy otherwise. So currency of some sort seems almost needed in the case of shops.

TL;DR, barter system could be fun instead of a "meaningless" currency.
If you were wondering my youtube name is 'arterca :3'. I look forward to more videos and communication in the future. :D
Black Magic May 1, 2014 @ 5:29am 
Phault May 2, 2014 @ 9:39am 
cool !
Yamo May 2, 2014 @ 6:21pm 
If I can be brutally honest, I'd rather pay money for a game like this (something along the lines of £4-£12) and have an amazing experience with zero microtransactions, as opposed to getting it for free and consequently be bombarded with microtransaction adverts. Even if they're only for aesthetic things, I find they break the mood horribly. That's just what I've found in the past... But otherwise this game looks absolutely amazing! As a Linux gamer, I've been looking desperately for an open-world RPG in the vein of Skyrim, and this looks to be perfect. Best of luck with development!
deilast May 4, 2014 @ 9:55am 
se ve genial el juego!!! admitamoslo!!!
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