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nullzero May 22 @ 5:17pm
Groupees & Linux
On a Groupees bundle[] with Yalaxot although it has the logo Windows only, in the System Requirement says:

OS: Windows XP or later, Mac OSX 10.4, Linux with glibc 2.3+ Processor:

Does it work then on Linux? Or is it a typo. Also if it does, will it be available for that platform on Steam if greenlighted and all?

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Barkalar  [developer] May 22 @ 5:43pm 
Hello, Nullzero. I am not sure why Groupees said it was compatible with MAC and Linux. In fact, I didn't know they actually said it was compatible on anything aside from Windows. Yelaxot is only available for Windows operating systems. If you would like to play the game, you will need to use Wine Windows Program Loader or play it on a PC with a Windows operating system.
nullzero May 23 @ 6:39am 
Thank you! Probably some copy-paste typo :P
Barkalar  [developer] May 23 @ 1:06pm 
You are probably right.
flesk Jun 15 @ 2:12am 
That's a shame. I would have loved to play this game.
Barkalar  [developer] Jun 15 @ 3:30pm 
I have heard of methods you can use to play Windows games on other operating systems. I am not sure if they're real and work well, but you can try them out. I believe I have seen people doing it with this game already, but I can not remember completely.
flesk Jun 15 @ 3:35pm 
Yeah, you're probably thinking of Wine. It works well for many games; especially older ones. I much prefer native Linux versions of games though.
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