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POLICE 10-13
Calls, DOT, and more
So I have a few questions about Police 10-13

1. Will there be false/prank calls?

2. How many buildings will be accessible?

3. Will there be a DOT IA thingy you can call, and would you ever consider adding DOT as a DLC later in development?

4. How good of a computer do you need to run P1013 without lag issues?

5. Will cars have a gas script?

6. Would you ever make it where you can be a Forest Ranger, and maybe do search and rescue call outs, etc.

7. I see you can be sheriff and stuff, but would you ever be able to be a State Trooper?

I know these are a lot of questions, but please answer at least some of them? Thank you for reading, cannot wait for this game!
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Neil Oct 20, 2016 @ 11:24am 
whats DOT?
Neil Oct 20, 2016 @ 11:27am 
1. needed
2. needed
3.dont know what it is
4, i hope its not that high
5, would be awsome
6. think that might be dlc coz they mentioned somat about fire and ems in future
7.would be nice in mp

also maybe juristicitions ie metro police cant chase convicts over to higway juristicion and vice versa unless permission off dispatch
MrPackerAnderson Oct 20, 2016 @ 9:00pm 
Thanks for the reply Neil, DOT is Department of Transportation, they do road work on state highways and other roads too
Bear Oct 21, 2016 @ 5:05pm 
I myself can answer that 2. Many buildings will be accessible, pretty sure they said most if not all. And 5. They talked about it in a dev video, probably gonna add a gas system based on a 'difficulty' option.
MrPackerAnderson Oct 21, 2016 @ 9:37pm 
Thank you
n3o  [developer] Oct 31, 2016 @ 12:06am 
In regards to enterable buildings. We wanting to have a large amount of enterable buildings, however no all we be accessable.
MrPackerAnderson Oct 31, 2016 @ 2:39pm 
Thanks for replying.
Originally posted by Neil:
whats DOT?
D.O.T is department of transportation. tow truck, taxi, road work, etc
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