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POLICE 10-13
.ithr0n Dec 19, 2016 @ 2:30pm
Less-lethal weapons / Profiling / surrendering enemies
Hey guys,

I love the game SWAT4 and the game mechanics of that game. Would be pretty cool to see some ideas of them in POLICE 10-13, too!

The difficult and interesting thing in SWAT4 is about searching for a less-lethal solution where you need to reason your enemies to surrender and not to instant kill them. This can be done by profiling them and shout at them to surrender or using less-lethal weapons like pepperspray.

Another really good thing was the possibility of tactics you can use in SWAT4, where you can order each operator of your squad specific commands (like opening a door, give backup, storm the front, ...).

What do you think, could these ideas find place in POLICE 10-13?
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Reptile Larry Dec 19, 2016 @ 6:00pm 
Hey, I may not be employed by Wingman Games or able to speak on behalf of them but I can speak what I believe and want.

I saw a comment from Matt Norman, the Creative Director state that they have already have some ideas from SWAT4. Tasers and flash or smoke grenades will exist (source: images on facebook) and I have no doubt about hand to hand combat as a quick less lethal takedown. Batons are also an option.

On facebook there are photos of a W.I.P Lenco Bearcat with the front attachment to tactically enter a property, whether this be pushing down the door with the vehicle piercing a stable smoke grenade through.

Police 1013 won't be a shoot the bad guys game, I like the idea of profling and will more than likely be a feature to order individuals to comply or surrender.

In Police 1013 once the SWAT module is released with the Beta I think it should highly include team work mechanics, such as you giving an order to a fellow player or A.I. I believe that is what the SWAT module is truly about, giving more opportunities to safely apprehend the suspect(s) and strongly emphasize on team work in a clear, simple way.

Quick simply, I agree and like all your suggestions and I do believe they are going to be present in Police 1013 at some stage.
MATRIX  [developer] Dec 19, 2016 @ 8:44pm 
What I can say is that Police 1013 will be as realistic as possible. I loved Swat4 and I agree it's one of the best Police games that ever came out. So as a fan, I will be trying to make this game even better.
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