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Project Land Mineded
MarsEdge  [developer] Mar 17 @ 10:54am
Bugs / Feature Requests
If you find any issues with Project Land Mineded, or think of some new thing you want in it, post that here.
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Lazy Narwhal Mar 18 @ 2:37pm 
When you have time, look into changing the HUD. The UT3 display in the bottom right ruined the feel for me. Also, consider displaying more of the weapons in the video.
Last edited by Lazy Narwhal; Mar 18 @ 2:38pm
carcinoGeneticist Mar 28 @ 9:41pm 
Since I'm looking for Oculus sdk 2 games I was wondering, will this have positional tracking support? If so, I would definitely buy it as it looks like an awesome game and a really cool rift experience!
Last edited by carcinoGeneticist; Mar 28 @ 9:42pm
MarsEdge  [developer] Mar 30 @ 6:17pm 
Yes. I preordered a dev kit 2 as soon as it went up for sale. I absolutely intend to get it working with positional tracking. The only potential issue is that I'm using the Oculus UDK. If they do not update it for the new dev kit, I won't be able to make that work.
carcinoGeneticist Apr 2 @ 5:34pm 
I really hope it works then, I would love to buy this!
Mystery Man ~ғʏᴀɴʙ~ Apr 15 @ 5:00pm 
Me and my friend actually went and played this game at the Heartland Gaming Expo in Tulsa a few weeks ago. It actually IS a very interesting concept, but it is also lacking in a couple of areas in my opinion. The emphasis on the land mines is a little low, because while we were playing, it seemed like the land mines were just there. We weren't really paying attention to them, because it seemed like they didn't affect us very much. Maybe if there were multiple kinds of landmines, damage buffs, etc. it would be a grander feature. Currently, when we were playing it, it seemed to lack very many animations to be seen. It just seemed like character models sliding around the screen. In conclusion, I think that this is an original concept, with much promise for the future, but it seems a little underdeveloped at this time. But I can understand this, because the person working on this (Correct me if I'm wrong) is the only person actually making the game. That's at least the feel I got at the expo. So I am willing to be patient, taking that into consideration. I also beleive that the author of this project won an award at the expo. Overall, I believe that if this game is developed more and nurtured (More weapons, more mine emphasis, animations, possibly even better graphics and textures if possible, etc), that it could actually become a fun, original game that I would most certainly buy.
DangerousPig Jul 28 @ 3:13am 
The game looks good and there are not so many bugs.
MarsEdge  [developer] Jul 28 @ 8:31am 
lol. You say that right as I'm preparing a bugfix release. Try It's even more stable. I'm still tweaking the balance, but it should be better now.
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