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TERRA Multiplayer
WickedZealot  [developer] Jan 19, 2014 @ 2:29am
Extra Game-Play Details & Your Feedback Answers
Thanks for the feedback to everyone who has comment, here we will explain some extra details and hopefully answer as many questions you have (so it does not get lost within the comments section).

1. Video Choppy sections and Graphics.
The finished game will have zero choppy parts, fully optimized and the graphics / models / textures will be polished off to their higher final versions.

Right now, we have low-spec computers on the team so choppy parts you see if due to our hardware itself (where some of you with better specs can run the demo smoothly with no issues). One of the reasons we looked at doing the funding campaign is to get decent hardware we can actually scale the game up to correctly and then optimize back down to lower end machines of different settings while maintaining as much quality. We hope to get better machines in the near future!

The graphics / models / textures, as we are focusing on the game-play side this is means we have not finished off the final higher quality versions of what you see in the video / screenshots. Also there is an bigger ranges of models not seen at all yet. We ask you to kindly wait until we reach the stage where we can show off the visual end and we will not disappoint on that.

Compared to the difficult game-play balancing of such an game like this, improving the visuals is an walk in the park! We need your support, it's why we are showing it off instead of waiting.

The AI is not finished either, so ignore how it looks in the video. We have parts of it working well.. other parts not as well! While AI is important for the Single Player, we are also working on the improvements of the RTS side during multi-player of Droids to work as good as they can with you in the heat on battle against other real players.


2. Extra Gameplay Details

Without writing an novel on this, here is some extra details found in the demo but not shown as well other parts not finished off yet but are going in. I will be focusing on here the multi-player mode (not single-player) on below.

- How Does the FPS/RTS work ?
Everyone in the game is an FPS player and RTS player. You can swap with one press of an button to instantly swap between modes. FPS to RTS and RTS back to FPS. At will, no limits and everyone can do it.

This is different to other games that have "one commander", we are not developing the same type of game as that. What this means if everyone can be an "commander" is the most interesting part and your ability to jump in & out of FPS or RTS at any time.

When you do jump / swap to RTS mode, your FPS player character is frozen - so you need to hide somewhere or get killed by the enemy who finds you. When your in RTS mode, you have an limited radius from your player character to explore the map around you. Meaning you can't go from end of the map to the other without swapping back to FPS and moving closer to where your going. This balances out an unfair advantage you would have over FPS players can seeing everywhere around you of the whole map and we think it makes an very interesting tactical play (so far as we experience in the demo).

Quick Examples: As in the video, your advancing an attack but come under fire in FPS by the enemy - locate an temp hiding spot and jump- into RTS mode. Now you spawn an few support Droids to help you out (as your on your own with none of your team-mates around). Jumping back to FPS you let your Droids help defend you while you attack and destroy the enemy that otherwise would have seen your death by this stage.

Another example is in an Player stays near the main base in RTS mode, safe enough until the enemy is at the gates and your using the Droids to help mine minerals to increase the income for the team. Your resources run out and you swap back to FPS and move forward or your team-mates need extra help & your join them. Since you love playing RTS mostly, you find an spot somewhere to protect your character and swap back to RTS to help your team-mates further down the map.

There is many different examples of how the game-play works and will work as we finish off everything. We want the gameplay fluid as an FPS and making sure the RTS side moves smoothly with it. Note if all the players instantly swap between FPS & RTS in battle.. well that's just insane and those who remain in FPS will likely win out! But stranger things have happened..

There is two races involved, Humans and The Maraud (aliens). They have their different strengths and weaknesses, different units and so on. Like some other RTS's out there it's the same thing regarding Races. This helps to bring more variety to the FPS side as well.


I will try to answer more gameplay questions here as requests come in from the comments section. As this is not your typical clone of another game out there (but we are not making something so new, no one has any idea how it works), we got alot of documents here that can fill up very, very long pages here. Not sure that might best for Greenlight but where you need answers - we will provide to the best we can in the shortest form possible to keep things in order here.

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Cosmic Boi Jan 19, 2014 @ 12:34pm 
good, i was hoping the choppy parts of the video would be fixed.,
Yoruh Jan 20, 2014 @ 4:29pm 
Claro, obvio
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