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TERRA Multiplayer
iliketocreate Feb 22, 2014 @ 5:51am
battlezone 1 and 2 /terra
hello do you ever have played battlezone 1 or 2?
sounds maybe of topic but.
what is battlezone 2?
battlezone 2 is a very old fps rts and a very good one to
its a game that come out in the 90`s i think its a dos windows dos version.
as player you play as commander you had a weapon that can fire machine gun as primary fire and secondery you could change the same weapon in to a sniper rifle you could use it to sniper players or ai and you also could use it to find weak spots in ground vehicles you could kill the driver of that vehicles and take over the vehicles.
and also you had a jetpack ,and some other weapons.
you start with a construction vehicle that when click on it you could give commands like follow me or deploy or deploy there a place you select and than it deploys in a construction yard.
and you also could deploy it back in a vehicle.
you also could walk in the construction yard.
when the constuction yard is build you had 2 or 3 constuction options first you had to build a energy power station and than a refinery building that collect resources with a vehicle and a sort of barrack where you could get more weapon types when you have build the power station more construction options will appear little like command and conquer and that kind of games.
you than also could build a vehicle factory that can make harverster or scavenger for resources. and light vehicles and there whas a vehicle you could deploy as a turret that automaticly defend you base you also could enter it and control it and shoot with it.
also you could build tanks and other types later you also can make a mech.
you also can build a command post (radar post) that give you a mini map you could enter the building and go to the control panel and se what going on from above.and also give command to
vehicles far away from your base and you also could do some other things with it and you could change command to a other player so a other player is commander.
also it give you a device so you could use it outside the post.
you also could construct a heavy turret tower that automaticly defend your base.
also you can enter the turret and operate it your self and shoot what ever you want most of weapons and etc had normal fire and alternative fire also you could construct a air port or some thing like that to make airplanes for air ground combat.
the game whas more based on first person /3th view .
everthing you did whas in first person/3th you could build vehiles and normal theyu would defend the base or attack enemys and you can give them orders and most of them you can enter en control them end drive and shoot with them.
they where planning tomake battlezone 3 but i think its cenceld.
if you dont kinow what i mean if you have old computer or a program that can run old games and you can find battlezone you should try it.
i realy want to se some kind same game type back.
maybe in terra? but than better
go google it and get some experience and inspiration from it
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KrimsN Apr 23, 2014 @ 3:57am 
игра хорошая
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