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Rain World
More_Badass Jan 27, 2014 @ 11:58am
Details and info about Rain World from across the Internet
Here's a collection of info and tidbits about the game from the devlog and various articles and interviews

On the world structure
"Rain World's single player campaign structure is similar to a more open-world Metroidvania type game, with a large inter-connected game world. Right now we have a core of that to build from (maybe an hour or so of gameplay so far, but still has art assets that need to be finished and a lot of stuff that we want to change), plus about 15-20 custom levels that we use for multiplayer / sandbox challenges, etc."

"The game world consists of many interconnected rooms, that you can move between metroidvania style. Some of these rooms are "swarm rooms", where the flies swarm and where you go to hunt. The swarm rooms can also be played as stand-alone challenges in custom mode. My idea has been that once you have traveled to a swarm room in world mode, it would be unlocked and appear in the menu of the custom mode game types."

On multiplayer
Players compete either in lethal combat or in competitive play (catching the most flies and staying alive) and the lizards hunt them as a "neutral" threat. If you hit the other player with a rock so that s/he is eaten by a lizard, you get a kill.

On other modes
"The way Joar has it set up now in the alpha, there are like 5 sandbox "multiplayer" modes where you can choose all the variables, and pretty much all are completely playable for single player. Like, there's an endurance mode where you face wave after wave of lizards of increasing difficulty, that sort of thing."

On lizard types
Green: A slow and dumb creature - easy to avoid but tough to take down.
Pink: A quick and intelligent hunter that will use vision and hearing to track you. Try to not let it spot you to begin with!
Blue: This one can climb walls and ceilings. Nowhere is safe.
White: A passive but deadly hunter. It blends into its environment and ambushes you when you're passing by.
Yellow: Alone they're not much of a threat, but most often they hunt in packs - intelligently cooperating to track and kill you.
Red: A fast, strong and smart hunter with excellent vision and hearing. But what makes it most deadly is its persistance. Once it spots you it will never give up the hunt. Be aware!

Lizards come in a few breeds, identified by head colors. These all have different abilities and feats. Green is the "tank", big, slow, lazy, stupid, but takes a lot of abuse. Blue is the "ninja" lizard, smallest in the family, with the least health, but with the ability to climb on walls and in ceilings, and with a sticky tongue it can shoot at you. Then there are a few others, and then there's red. If you see red, run

On bats
Bats don't hunt lizards, but they tend to flock around them because they enjoy picking on them, and because they know the risk of Slugcat ambush is smaller if they're hanging out next to a lizard.

On tone and atmosphere
“What’s slightly different in Rain World is that it’s not really a human industrial environment, but rather just some kind of weird abstraction of an industrial environment. James [Primate], my partner on the project, described what this is supposed to accomplish very well – he said that the creature you play is a tool-using animal on the verge of making sense of this weird artificial environment around it. The same feeling as the protagonist has should be experienced by the player; you should be able to almost recognize objects, almost understand what these rooms and machines where intended to do.”

On the pups
The pups are able to have a few template attitudes towards other entities, NEUTRAL, FRIENDLY, FLEE and HOSTILE. This means that in a situation where you kill one of the pups, the others might consider you something to FLEE from or be HOSTILE towards, and then the same AI as when those behaviors are applied to a lizard can kick in.

The pups have different personalities, and the green one is the violent, heroic and brave. When you find them he is holding a spear, and guarding the others. He always wants to carry a spear, and if he doesn't have one he'll pick up whatever weapons he can find around the levels. The HOSTILE behavior is more or less reserved for Green, he is the one responsible for protecting his siblings, and if the player betrays them or if a lizard is carrying a pack mate off towards its den he'll try to use his spear.

I've actually had him "rescue" me once, when a green lizard was carrying me away he lodged a spear in its back. Sadly I was already dead, otherwise that would have enabled me to continue playing. The other pups are also able to use weapons, but only in panicked situations when a pursuing enemy is getting too close."
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