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Time Rifters
El_Nacho Jul 19, 2014 @ 4:30pm
Some suggestions I have for this game.
I think this game should have more than 3 episodes, or at least have a level creator so it can have a higher replay value. Also why not make the gold useful for something else other than upgrading guns? what about using it to unlock certian levels or even whole episodes? Or maybe even purchasing player-made levels?

Another thing I just thought would be cool in the game is to have blocks resistant to a certian damage type (adding more damage types other that acid would make this suggestion make some sense) for example, acid damage would have almost no effect on green blocks, and maybe blue blocks wouldn't be affected by the lightning gun's arcs. Something like that.

And for player-made levels, it would be fun to recolor blocks so we can make more creative levels. And I just realized that this would make the resistances confusing for players, so maybe instead of green blocks for acid resitance it would have a green outline?

And for players themselves, what about the ability to choose which colors I want to use for my clones? Instead of Blue, Green, Pink & Yellow, I could choose Red, White, Gray...

Also what about some turn-based co-op with you and up to 3 friends to complete levels? While you wait for your turn you could be set to spectate to see what the current player is doing, That way the people could come up with their own strategies in group, rather than playing alone.

I know these are a lot of suggestions, so I don't expect you to do them all or any for that matter, I mean it's YOUR game so you don't HAVE to to this, but it was just something I thought would be cool.

Anyway the game's a ton of fun and good luck finishing it! I'll be sure to check it out when it comes out.