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The Mandate
St.Akardi Aug 7, 2014 @ 8:59am
Winning by Subtlety
Normally, Once the enemy crew die in their exploding ship or kneeling on the steel ship floors is when victory is won.

Yet such a heavy cost to outright kill or crippling the morale of every single man and woman can be avoid by fighting not the crew. But the Captian of the ship, for (s)he is falliable to coin, charm, logic of ideals, or information of a imprisoned beloved one or perhaps informing their crew that the captain had commit a terrible taboo, hidding it from their crew, and that their trust has been betrayed.

Even then the ways of taking over ships not just by violence can be numerous. Shall techonolgy shall be your sword to remove this foe from his captaincy? A brainwashing? A bio-virus? Poison? A replicated disguise for a loyal turncoat enemy?

Even with-in the allied factions, opposing parties can supress your victories, secluding your power as inferior one. Yet such tactics cannot be ignored, a dark legality court martial sponser by such "inferior power" to reveal certain parties their corruption to the people.

Maybe your control over trade of a plagued planet's medical supplies can force your enemy to surrender everything he owns to ensure that his people are safe.

Or maybe a promise that will never be fulfilled. Endless infinity ways to end a battle. But what methods are viable for the Mandate?

What is the best way to win for you?
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Shazi Jul 5, 2016 @ 2:54am 
With savage teeth of flame and steel shall I tear through shield and metallic flesh, feasting on crew and cargo alike, leaving the remains to the cold embrace of the eternal void.
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