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Anarchy Arcade
What's with the virtual player hub concept image?
On the image located here:

There is a model of the Scout from TF2, and I was wondering if a TF2 loadout previewer was going to be built inside of Anarchy Arcade, or that was just a custom model you (Or someone else) downloaded. (Not actually downloaded, since it is a concept.)

I was also wondering what is going to be possible if you add virtual player hubs.
(Like if you can add your steam item showcases.)

PS: On an unrelated note, if you add a gamejolt game to your arcade, does it download the game? (Because in one of the videos showing a gamejolt game, it seems to be just a video preview and not the actual game.)

PPS: This "game" is great , hope you keep adding stuff.

Sorry for spelling errors, it is 2:00 AM where I am right now.
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SM Sith Lord  [developer] Feb 2, 2014 @ 5:08am 
Hi Laidbackuser, thanks for the questions.

The player model standing on the pedestal of your player hub will be your AArcade character. Since I haven't made the player model yet, I used the TF2 scout as a stand-in.

However, since AArcade can load resources from other Source engine games, it is likely that you will be able to use characters from other games AS your AArcade avatar.

You actually spawn WITH your Player Hub, it is sort of like your custom spawn zone no matter what map you're in. When the game starts, you take control of the avatar standing ontop of the pedestal, step off the pedestal, and begin exploring the virtual world.

Your Player Hub can have all sorts of stuff, like shortcuts to launch your favorite games, a wall with your most recent screenshots, some spiffy displays for your favorite inventory items, and much more. It is like a showcase of your entire Steam gaming career.

For security reasons, AArcade doesn't automatically download game files. So when you spawn a GameJolt game, everything is setup except for the game itself.

To actually download the game, all you have to do is walk up to it and click PLAY. AArcade will then detect that it is not yet installed and give you the download link. After that, you just have to tell the cabinet where you installed the game to, and from that moment on you are ready to play.

However, many GameJolt games are browser based, so there is no game file to download. In this case, you just click PLAY on the cabinet to launch the game in your web browser.
Thanks for the answer!
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