Ballistic's Altis Sandbox
Ballistic  [developer] Apr 29 @ 6:50pm
AddOns Thread
Here is the list of addons needed to play the mission as of the latest update and links to download the addons.

Compulsory AddOns:
Required to play the Sandbox

>ARP2 Objects by thedog[]
Some more objects that are used within the Sandbox.

>MBG Killhouses A3 by Mondkalb[]
Probably the most vital one, without this there would be no PVP Zone in the Sandbox.

Optional AddOns:
Allow you to access all the content

>ARMA3 Editor Objects by HTUNE[]
Required for the additional objects I have incorporated into the Sandbox.

>Community Based Addons by the CBA Team[]
Needed to run some addons and make cooler things happen within ARMA.

>Boeing C-17 by randomslap & mukcep[]
Allows you to spawn in the Boeing C-17 Globemaster at the Aircraft spawn.

>F/A-18 Super Hornet by John_Spartan and Saul[]
Allows you to spawn the F/A-18E and F/A-18F Super Hornet and the Aircraft spawn.

>SU-35S Flanker E by John_Spartan and Saul[]
Allows you to spawn the Su-35S Flanker E at the Aircraft spawn to take on the F/A-18s

>ASDG Joint Rail System by Robalo[]
Required for the FHQ Accessories pack that compliments the M4A1 pack.

>FHQ M4A1 Pack by Alwarren[]
An additional set of M4A1's to diversify the limited available weaponary in ARMA3

>FHQ Accessories Pack by Alwarren[]
A complimentary set of attachments to customized the M4A1's.

To load up the Sandbox you must have the compulsory addons. The best way to manage mods is to use something like the ARMA Mod Manager[] and some of the above listed mods will require you to create @folders within your ARMA3 directory, there are many tutorials available that will show you how to do that.

I also highly enjoy and recommend Blastcore A3[], the changes it makes to the game improve the overall look and feel. Especially playing at night, large explosions caused by supports or just randomly shooting walls.

There are plenty more mods for ARMA3 so if you have any suggestions of additional mods to add let me know in the suggestions discussion thread.

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