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PULSAR: Lost Colony
About adding NPC-crew and the medical and security-people.
Well.. This game has HUUUUGE potential!!!! Huuge!!! Even at this stage it seems impressive piece of work! I'd be clad if couple non-essential personnels (players) could manage ship-wide attack on boarding or protecting your ship against the attackers when they have breached the hull and can send people thru. They could act as Chief-medical assignment or Chief-security-assignment. Which could be send to surface, in to the another ship or seek and destroy missions inside your of ship or base. Possibilities are .... are.. Oohh... I really want this game to happen. Piloting, engineering etc the ships systems require the crew of 5 but protecting your base /ship: Reclaiming some alien-infested base. Rescuing outpost from anything.

Of course those NPS lost in the missions could only renew's in the bases or similar places of some cost. Maybe add possibility to rescued base personnel to add to the lost ones from the ship (Medical, Engineering and the Assault-teams). I'd looooove to see my NPS to take a beating from that Intrepid-Class destroyer!!!!!

Captain.. Cloaked Bird of Prey emerging at the port-bow. Shields UP!
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insanegorey Sep 4, 2013 @ 5:18pm 
Cool idea, but they're going to work on everything else first, so, this addition might not come in for a while. I don't mean to be a put-down when I write this comment, I really like what you're saying. Totally keep making those awesome ideas dude!
Interesting idea, it may even be the way the devs are headed, I know they are currently programing the crew's AI abilities so that even if you don't have all five members online you can still play without the loss of a crewmate.
Once the AI is properly constructed, the next step would be to expand and determine how else, if at all, it should be utilized.
Adding additional crewmates, ones who are solely and completely AI, in my opinion, would be a clumsy, if not a sloppy, way to construct a Multiplayer Game such as this.
A far better way to counteract a surprise boarding party would be to have proximity alarms, alerting the crew that they have been boarded. This proves to be a fair alternative because during the heat of battle the crew must react swiftly to change tactics and prepare for altered combat.
Additionally, such an alarm would not alert the crew of how many were transported aboard. This leaves enough mystery to cause a distraction on whether to hunt down the intruders or to stay focused on destroying the space vessel, and how many crew members should be assigned to each task.
Also, what I would like to add is that there should be a cooldown for teleporters, appearing and disappearing within seconds simply to trigger an alarm and flee without risk would pose an issue to gameplay.
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ellis0inf  [developer] Sep 8, 2013 @ 8:10pm 
Hi guys!

As the game is centered around a five player cooperative experience, we are not currently planning on having additional non-player crew members. For now, crew AI will fill in the roles on starships with fewer than five players. As for what Damnit Jim suggested, having alarms that alert crew members of unwanted guests are definitely in the plans, however there will be ways to enter ships without triggering these alarms.
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I'm glad that there are ways to circumvent them, I can see how the Gentlemen aboard would rather see things done quietly. :D
Apache [Elite] Sep 9, 2013 @ 1:43pm 
What about if player have sneak-beamed in to the ship and the target ship just inters the warp-speed? Is he onboard on that ship all the time? Questions, questions :)
Peaq Oct 9, 2013 @ 12:46pm 
I think it's okay, to have 4 other crewmembers. When there would walk another bots through your ship you would have a limited possibility to control your crew. The bots are not able to communicate with you as well as your friends. I would see them as "walking stones". That would anger me ... :D
It would not be that *you are allone - feeling*

---- GREAT GAME ---- :D
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