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Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut
ATLAS Aug 7, 2013 @ 2:39pm
A few improvements I'd love to see
First of all - I am playing the Xbox 360 version right now and I am not finished yet.
Maybe these things were already fixed on the PS3 version - if yes please excuse me and just scroll across the points which are unvalid for the Director's Cut.

1. Zach holding a flashligh or maybe one being attached to his suit. It bothered me that it was so obvious that he wasn't really having a flashlight. It'd be great if you could add one.

2. When enemies are dying they sometimes still wiggle around and you can walk past them. This can get pretty stressful when you are sorrounded. It would be kind to fix this.

3. When you pick up an item and your inventory is full there is a seconds long text appearing on the display which won't let you move even when there are enemies around and they can still hit you which is pretty tidious.

4. When you pick up an item you already know even if its not special the screen goes black and shows you would you just picked up. Please make it that if you pick up an item you already know of (foods, medi kits, ...) that a small window on the screen just tells you "You picked up [item XY]" in the corner of the screen while you can still play. It lowers the pace unnecessarily.

5. A smaller MP clip maybe? 180 bullets is a lot to carry in just one mag. Make it like 30 or maybe 50. And also show the rest of ammunition you carry in your inventory. That'd be really helpful.

Hope you can appreciate my feedback :-)

Have a great day :smile: