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Viscera Cleanup Detail
VIVISECT_VIVIVI Aug 15, 2013 @ 11:08am
Spilling buckets in zero G and stuff stuck under stairs and some other little issues
I was trying it out today (newest version) and ran into a couple of annoyances in the zero g level I didnt have on others. A can was under the stairs where it cannot be reached to even see if can be pulled out.

The other issue is buckets consantly spilling in zero g pretty much every time I try and clean out the mop no matter how careful I am. Something like making the bucket magnetic so when you get them on the floor they sort of stick a bit would fix the issue unless you entended that to be that way.

The last one for zero g that doesnt happen on the other levels as far as I could tell is that sometimes bullet shells can not be picked up at all until I've knocked another object into them to make them move.

One other general issue is that the bloody footprint seem to happen sometimes even when I stay as far away from the blood as possible so I dont step on it when mopping up.

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VIVISECT_VIVIVI Aug 15, 2013 @ 12:56pm 
Found another minor issue, the reverse mouse option doesnt save and resets if you start a new level.
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