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One Finger Death Punch
More_Badass Sep 14, 2013 @ 8:31pm
Alternate control schemes?
I've been playing the demo a lot on my laptop and I was wondering if you plan to allow us to map our controls. Personally I would prefer left/right arrow or A/L over the mouse buttons.
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il sabri Sep 21, 2013 @ 7:15am 
I suggest using "joystick 2 mouse" and mapping to the two shoulder buttons on a ps style gamepad. Works great.

And I agree that mouse is terrible, keyboard would be better.
Silver Dollar Games  [developer] Oct 17, 2013 @ 12:52pm 
Keyboard controls are being added. The options to use the Left and Right arrow keys, "B" and "N" or "S" and D". Also we've had reports that an Xbox 360 controller doesn't work, but this should be included and we'll make sure it's working. As for other controllers, we're not 100% sure how that all works but it's something we'll look into for sure.
zeroxxx Nov 6, 2013 @ 8:46pm 

please add support for Dinput controllers if possible. Thank you.
ScorpyX Nov 7, 2013 @ 2:49am 
maybe add re-bind option for any keys..
Silver Dollar Games  [developer] Nov 7, 2013 @ 5:55am 
@ScorpyX We'll work on such a feature for a future build and see if we can make it work.
Pægan Nov 7, 2013 @ 7:59am 
being able to assign keys would help a lot. Whether this will give any advantages to certain players depending on the device they use may have to be looked at.

Just for the hell of it I hooked up my dance mat that I use with stepmania and mapped the mouse buttons to A and B.

I nearly passed out after the 1st 3 waves in a mob stage ...
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More_Badass Nov 7, 2013 @ 10:04am 
Lol, that must have been something to see.
But yeah being able to rebind the attacks to any buttons would be nice.
Pægan Nov 7, 2013 @ 10:31am 
lol it's fun tho. next experiment is to try and get it to work with a webcam usin sumthin like CamSpace ....
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