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Motte Island
fauxhb Oct 7, 2013 @ 12:12pm
alpha - first impression
it's not the bugs that ruin the atmosphere. first thing is the writing. it's horrible. horribly cliched and boils down to "hahaha we're all on the island and we're villains" and you reply "you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ i'll stop you!". you make a game where there's no voice acting and you make us read something this brain-dead? i say this not to insult but to stronly advice you to re-write every dialog. if you make me read - give me something good to read. this was not good, i couldn't take much.
the next thing is combat. i didn't play long, sorry for that, but the combat isn't satisfying. my first impression was this gonna feel like Hotline Miami, you know, incredibly fast and reaction based, this is not the case. but it still doesn't feel right at all. i tried standart attract attention-hide behind a corner-pop his head when he closes on you, but instead the enemy doesn't notice you. at all. i stand ~2-3 centimetres of screen away from him and he can't see him. so my choices are a) go near him, of course he spots me and i inevitably get hit or b) wait around a corner for him either to come close or turn around. and not the clever way of waiting like in the Mark of the Ninja, where your timing matters, or Guacamelee where your countering time can negate an attack.
the cutscenes are stale. in my head i saw Deadlight style of cutscenes. they were mostly static, but still, felt very alive, and the ending one made me very emotional, and it still was just a slide show of pictures. look them up, i suggest you to make changes to those too.

and what is shown in the demo isn't in anyway "well thought-out". rather erratic and lacking motivation, like why the hell do i appear in a harbor talking to myself aloud? why the hell is there something to pick the lock with in the camera? why a 2x4 with infinite uses breaks to a policeman's head? eh.

to sum up - there's a lot to work on here. and your demo isn't showing any strong sides to my knowledge so far. i still voted yes, but i don't think i would pay for a game with this kind of presentation i saw now.

good luck developing.