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CDF Ghostship
Bone Jul 1, 2013 @ 10:05pm
Making this game a success!
Hello my fellow steam users! I for one would love to see this game come to fruition. I have bought a pre-order for the game. I would like to also provide Shaun with advice and feedback that will do three things:

1) Fix numerous bugs and issues with the game.

2) Create the game that we want to play.

3) Get our loyal and hard-working developer the funding he needs to do #1 and #2.

So... I know that its difficult for people to come up with positive feedback on the game. Particularly when there is no ingame bug-report or feedback option built into the game. However, feedback in general will help Shaun fix things and possibly attract investors. So, I want everyone to post anything good/bad on this discussion so that Shaun can take a look. When creating your feedback, think of three big things:

1) Is there a specific crash bug or ingame bug that needs fixing. Being specific will allow Shaun an easier time of fixing an issue.
-> Figure out the main questions: What happened (what did the bug do)? When did it happen(ie did it happen while fighting an enemy or when you exitted an airlock)? Where did it happen (ie which deck, or section)? And if possible paste the last 10 lines of your log file.

2) How would you like the your feedback to be solved? Saying that the graphics are crap doesn't help much. Saying that you think the lighting needs extra work in medical is specific and Shaun would be able to know what specific feedback he could solve. Now, keep in mind, Shaun isn't God here, and may not be able to completely change things up, but ask him if he'd be willing.

3) Is there something you feel is lacking about the game that needs to be addressed that isn't bug related or feature related? ie The story, the universe, who designed the weapons, etc...

I'll give people a chance to post some ideas here first, before I give my list! Lets help Shaun out guys!
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Bone Jul 2, 2013 @ 3:06pm 
Huh, not a single bite. Okay, then I'll start. (I'll add more later have to leave soon):

1) Give us some backstory on the whole situation. There seems to be lacking a lot of story behind the game, or reasons for why we do what we do. Back in the olden days, of Doom, Blake Stone, Duke Nukem 3D, it was fine to have little story. These days though, when you have AAA titles that constantly strive to produce an awesome story, you can't skimp on the story. Things I believe we need to know about:

-> What is so important about Icarus 3? I'd assume that constructing a massive space station in space would require a lot of resources, and would only be done for planets of importance, either of strategic military value or economic value. The next question comes why send a dreadnought to investigate the distrubance? A dreadnought is a really big ship, with lots of soldiers and flight crew. This tells me right off the bat, that the CDF command knew something about Icarus 3 or in general about the situation and felt that a dreadnought was needed for the job... or do dreadnoughts regularlly get sent out to any colony for any kind of distrubance. Doesn't make sense.

-> Why send your best pilot to investigate another distrubance nearby? Why is only a single ship sent? Thomas is supposed to be the fighter leader. So what happened to the rest of his fighters? Then, what did Thomas find? Was it of any importance?

-> The next issue is why the CDF doesn't have proper quarantine procedures in place to prevent a spread of aliens throughout the ship. These days, if anyone is suspected of carrying a disease like SARS, the military would lock that down tight and prevent anyone from going anywhere until they knew it was under control. The fact that aliens got aboard and multiplied tells me there wasn't proper quarantine procedures in place.

-> Then next issue is how an alien species that normally attacks our player head-on cannon fodder style was able to capture the CDF Goliath using subterfuge and cunning. You'd think they 'd have rushed after anyone and would have been spotted immediately and killed off.

-> The next issue is how the messages on the wall says, don't let them bite you. I've been biten a lot, and nothing bad has happened to Thomas while playing the alpha except losing some health. Whats up with that? Is there something more planned for this?

-> Other issues like, why didn't the CDF Goliath destroy the space station when they found out that it was completely overrun, and that there was no way to retake it? Or why the Captain of the Goliath didn't order a self-destruct of the ship to prevent the aliens from taking over the ship or had decided that since the ship couldn't get any messages out to warn others to stay away, why didn't he have the ship destroyed then? Couldn't it be conceivable that if the CDF Goliath DID NOT report back to CDF Command AFTER a while that the CDF Command would SEND more ships to investigate? Couldn't the problem then spread even further?

The story, Shaun is vitally important to a game. I think some people are put off that the story or the universe surrounding your game hasn't been fleshed out. Its kind of like playing a D&D adventure. You can choose to have a functional town with a blacksmith, inn and such and leave it at that. However, if you flesh it out, maybe give character to the NPCs and make them seem real, it really helps to improve immersion into the story. I think that improving/fleshing out the story and background of the game would help to encourage people who play games for the story to invest in your game.
Bone Jul 2, 2013 @ 3:08pm 
Like to add to the whole Icarus 3 thing. In the words of Ellen Ripley in Aliens, the question comes up about what to do about the whole situation, and suggests: How about we just get into orbit and then nuke it." Why bother losing hundreds of soldiers trying to save something that has no value in saving it, when they can just flatten it from in orbit?
MAGStudios  [developer] Jul 2, 2013 @ 4:52pm 
Well said.

There is lots about the ship that is in the storyline of the game, you find out why Icarus 3 is so important, Why a solo pilot was sent out (did you listen to the captains logs in the alpha?) And you find out why writing on the walls says dont let them bite you etc. I dont want to spoil any suprises. Nearly all that you mentioned you find out in the game, and rather than give the whole storyline away I want you to play through it. I can give you more info on the CDF shortly though.

I will be posting full backstory and info on the CDF when i get some time in a couple of weeks. The aliens need mch AI work and am still waiting for a programmer to help out on this.

Yeah Ripleys quote " I think we should just nuke the site from orbit" lol, If that happened the film would have been realy short lol, not to mention no alien 3, alien ressurection and Colonial Marines lol. Same with Ghostship, you will find out why in the game.

Bone Jul 2, 2013 @ 5:40pm 
Ironically though, the installation went nuclear anyways when the terraformer's reactor had a reactor breach.

Hmm, I'll go back to the alpha and relisten to the logs. I don't recall what the Captain said regarding the backstory.
Last edited by Bone; Jul 2, 2013 @ 5:41pm
Bone Jul 3, 2013 @ 6:29pm 
Anywho, other things to consider improving upon:

-> Pilot Suit regeneration. You mentioned that eventually there will be multiple suits to try out during the full game. Will the Pilot Suit be getting health regeneration in the Alpha?

-> Changes to Armor: Armor appears to take too much damage too quickly (unless of course this is because the armor is being consider similiar to a Shield Belt in UT3 where the armor is considered like a second skin.). I'd suggest that health and armor takes damage together, while armor is reduced slower, so that armor feels more worthwhile. Right now, getting nailed by a Biter about 4-5 times completely destroys the armor suit. Since armor is fairly rare compared to ammo and health pickups, I'd like to see the rarity of the investment of hunting for a suit of armor to be worth it.

-> Possibly consider increasing the time in between messages from the ship's computer, so that its more spread out and increases the mood.

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