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Highland Wars
Matti  [developer] Jun 5, 2013 @ 11:43am
4th Character Class (Gift Keys for the Best Ideas)
So... Same story here. We will reward the 10 best suggestions with the Highland Wars gift keys.

The three already planned character classes are:
The Builder (The default class. Used to construct the buildings and siege engines. Also the only class capable of harvesting the resources (though the other classes can carry them around)
The Warrior (He has the sword and a shield. Only class capable of blocking. Can be upgraded to have a two handed claymore!)
The Archer (She's the only ranged fighter (at least for now). She can also climb in the trees for an ambush.)

We haven't set the deadline for the suggestions, but will start collecting the ideas soon(ish) so to increase your odds, be sure to be one of the first ones to suggest your idea!

On the character class suggestions we'll pay attention on following things:
-Strengths and Weaknessess (Compared to the other classes. Will it bring value and add to the teamplay and strategy?)
-Thematic Suitability (Again.. Will your idea fit into the game? Crazy ideas can work but make it feel like it's from Highland Wars.)
-The Fun Factor (Is it fun?)
-Technical Challenge (Super complex ideas cost more and take more time to make and won't necessarily add anything to the game as they can feel totally separate from the rest of the game.)
-Provided Info (A picture can be worth a thousand words but a thousand words can make our job more easier than a picture.)

This and the siege engine suggestion thread can also be found in our development forums[] and the final suggestions will be collected there.
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Monsieur Hon Hon Jun 5, 2013 @ 1:47pm 
The Arson

Basically he plays with fire. He could be efficient against enemies war machines(since theyre made of wood) and trees but hurt like a wet paper towel when it comes to players.

He would be faster and less hp and the point of the character is to burn trees near the other castle so that their worker have to go to farther (therefore more dangerous) areas.

The bear

The bear is basically the stereo typical highlander strongman. Hes very hairy, slow and powerfull.

He would be the tank of the team. He would walk and attack slower but hurt more than the warrior. I imagine him with a giant war axe. He would be mostly a defensive character to protect the castle from siege engine or to follow the archers around to compensate with their lack of tankiness. I think it would be funny if they cuold eat raw sheep to gain health.
Scout Jun 5, 2013 @ 2:42pm 
I suppose a generic rogue class would be in order.

Quick, light on his feet, but rather squishy. He uses daggers and flits about, dealing out low damage, but as fast as possible. He would possibly have the ability to sneak about, slowing his movement speed but making him close to invisible (Not totally). Alternatively, maybe the ability to sabotage siege engines quickly, disabling them until they are repaired. In the end, it buys the defending team a few moments to either take out the siege engine, or to work up their defenses. In the long run, destroying the weapon is more effective, but sabotage buys time.
Necroscourge Jun 5, 2013 @ 6:25pm 

The strongest men in the highlands weild no blade but instead throw the trees themselves at their foes! Weilding a greatclub (AKA: Tree) the Wallbreaker is the man to go to when you need a tower toppled or catapault smashed, though he is good at hitting other highlanders as well.

-Very slow melee attack, Can throw his weapon to stun enemies. High health, but slow as molasses. Deals good damage against buildings.
-Hard to play. Being so slow and ponderous makes it difficult to fight by yourself, you require warrors nearby to distract the enemy while you clobber them. Your nearly 33% bigger, so you really stand out to archers!


What the clans women lack in size they make up for in spirit, and the horses they tamed for battle. Riders are fast, unarmored riders that strike with a deadly spear.

-Fast, but physically weak, The horse she rides lets her hold her own against warriors but archers can aim directly at the rider to do more damage, that is if they can get a shot in before getting caught in a clavary charge.
-Excellent flanking character for large battles, but ultimately not as durable as warriors so they often will take a more supportive role in fights.
Kikumen506 ARENA Jun 5, 2013 @ 6:56pm 
The Druid/The witch

Playing the healer role, running for the batllefield healing the team whit potions and herbs, he could deal a little damage with a knife. He/She has medium health and low armor not recommend for "lonewolfs".

A skinny and fast moving moving highlander who wears a large cloak. His main purpose in the game is jamming gates in either state, to keep defenders in while resources are being stolen/destroyed or the more obvious one, to prevent the enemy from closing the gate fast. He can temporarily disable siege equipment. He does more damage from behind, allowing him to kill unsuspecting gathererers.

His cloak has multiple layers and various pockets, allowing him to hide in plain sight. For example he can pull the cloak over himself in front of a tree and blend in or huddle on the ground and pretend to be a rock. If there are levels with water he can hide underwater and breathe through a straw.

He also carries a flint and tinder around to set fire to enemy wood piles and supplies. He should avoid combat as he is a lanky fellow that just can't handle the burly warrior types in direct combat.


A burly fellow adept at digging, carrying a big shovel on his shoulder. His job is to dig moats and set traps to make it harder for siege engines and enemies to approach. Quite a tactical class because making the terrain rough also makes it harder for your own team to move your siege equipment. For extended sieges, he can dig trenches to protect the team from enemy archers.

I am aware this guy would be harder to implement but I believe he'd be an interesting addition.

For example, he'd have the ability to move around plants. You'd be able to make a line of bushes followed by a lowered section of land around the castle. Any enemy falling down would make an easy target for allied archers.
TeutonicRage23 Jun 5, 2013 @ 9:32pm 
The Bag-Piper-Traditional Highlander with a Bag-pipe. His job is to play the bagpipes, which provide team bonuses(ex:healing) He has an important role (like medic) in team games, and would fit well in the game (Theme)
!3eleiÐiger Jun 6, 2013 @ 1:19am 
The Cook:

Hes no Fighter and can just deal a small amount of damage with his cooking spoon he just Supports his Teammates with Food so they can get HP back in the Fight but attacking him in the Cooking place he can Build is very dangerous cause he can toss the Hot Pot with the Food at Enemy's and deal a high amount of damage!

The Trapper:

Hes a Passive Fighter who most likely set up Traps when the Fight begins Spike-Traps Tar-Traps(they can be enlighted with Fire) in Man to man Kombat he is fairly weak just with some Throwing Daggers/Axes who deal some good Damage the only way for him to do good damage in Hand to Hand is to Back-stab someone??or is that to TF2 isch?? XD) for this he is able to disguise himself to a Busch or a Tree!

Sry for the crappy Idears XD
ThatSamu Jun 6, 2013 @ 1:49am 
Great classes, everyone! Keep em coming. :)
The Grappler

Unarmed combats, such as wrestling and brawling, have been a long time piece of the Highland tradition. This has created a class of warrior that forgoes the carrying of unwieldy weapons and armor only to replace with extreme conditioning and flawless technique. Able to move slightly quicker and briefly sprint without the extra weight, the Grappler excels at covering the distance to his enemies. Once these powerful fighters lay their hands on you there is little to do to escape without the aid of your team.

- One of the more powerful melee attackers
- Slightly shorter range than weapon wielding melee fighers
- Less durabilty compared to armored fighters, but substantially more
than archers / craftsmen
- Higher movement speed than most or all other classes

(I'm thinking he will be comparable to your standard 'Monk' class of other class-based games)

Addition: I was thinking, due to the nature of this class, the Grappler would serve as a great Builder Escort with his combat skill and mobility. Maybe a really efficient resource carrier?
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PurePerfection Jun 6, 2013 @ 7:02pm 
The Axe-Thrower: An alternate ranged class, he has a shorter range, but more powerful attack than the archer.
Originally posted by Riukanojutsu:
The bear

The bear is basically the stereo typical highlander strongman. Hes very hairy, slow and powerfull.

He would be the tank of the team. He would walk and attack slower but hurt more than the warrior. I imagine him with a giant war axe. He would be mostly a defensive character to protect the castle from siege engine or to follow the archers around to compensate with their lack of tankiness. I think it would be funny if they cuold eat raw sheep to gain health.


I live really close to New Orleans so thats why this is the first thing to come to mind..
Monsieur Hon Hon Jun 6, 2013 @ 7:11pm 
I meant that, except for the gay part.
Scotty Jun 7, 2013 @ 7:25am 
The Brewer

A support style class that carrys a large keg around with them, There main role is to heal up allies with the sweet whisky from the barrel. They do this by standing near the damaged teammate and pouring the barrel contence ontop of them, however, if they heal the same team mate for too long the will give them the drunkard de-buff, increasing the damage they do but causing there screen to warp as drift side to side, making aiming a pain.

The barrel they carry is not bottomless, they have a set amount of whiskey they can carry at any one time. They can refill there cask back at base, perhaps from a simple building the builder could set up for reletivly low resources.

The Brewers closest teammate is the warrior, allowing the strong class to fight for even longer and even doing more damage (at the cost of a few braincells mind you). Due to the large, heavy but delicious whiskey barrel they carry, they are unable to help the builder in the movement of recourses and due to there pudgey size and slower speed, they make a nice fat target for archers, however due to said size they can take quite a few hits before they go down for the count.

The Brewer attacks by swinging the heafty barrel towards the foe, a short range and slow attack speed mean our destilling friend is not made to leap into the middle of a large fight, rather they should hold back, near the back allowing allies to flee to them for a touch of healing if they fight isnt going there way.

The Brewer does have on last trick up there sleeve, A collection of small glass flasks filled with the ethanol they use in there craft. These little glass flasks, when thrown, will shatter on the ground, igniting the area they cover. Ethanol burns bright, but not long. The short burst of flames can do damage to whatever enemies they hit, catching them ablaze for a short period of time. The damage is not much but perhaps just enough to scare a weakened warrior away if they are cashing a teammate.

A Brewer is the perfect fit for any clan, bringing joy and fun to any festivity and also bringing a little bit of science to the battlefeild. The highlands have a long history of creating some of the strongest and most potent alcoholic drinks to the rest of the world.
Butcher Jun 7, 2013 @ 12:20pm 
+He can heal teammates.
+His potions can increase armor, hp...
+Also he can turn into bear(or wolf, or....)
-He has low HP
-He is very slow(stumbles on his beard)

He has VERY VERY LONG BEARD(like Panoramixs from Asterix & Obelix but BIGGER). Also he can have hood. Also he can brew potions(maybe).

Why? Because it must have healing class.
AuburnHamster Jun 7, 2013 @ 12:34pm 
a heavy unit no armour but can rush towards enemies is equipped with say gloves with wolf teeth sewn in high damage but slow when not rushing hard to turn and little armour a class you can possibly hide behind a shield of warriors and if the enemy bring a seige weapon or somekind of large force break the ranks and use the berserker to break it up and also you can give the berserker an ability which increases his speed and minimises the damage taken allowing him to effectively disband large forces making them easier targets for your other units however the berserker doesn't work very well as a one man army as he takes a lot of damage just after charging and activating the berserker ability leaving him easy to pick off he is also very susceptible to ranged attack
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