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Just Tactics
2 A.M. (Eloi) May 29, 2013 @ 11:18pm
You overestimate your game.
I won't up-voted for that. You overestimate your game.

- You ask for a community to come play at it... But ask them 20$
--> It is not you that declare if the game is good or not, it is the player. So do not attack them by asking to pay "directly".

- My friends and I, installed the game and ->try<- to play it... But the user interface is not good at all: not ergonomic, no pedagogical.
--> You should continue to develop the game, but rather the user interfaces before the game. Every gamer is a noob at first. So take care of him.

- Plus there are lots of other reason for dislike this game, based on how you use the concept.

I love turn base games, but not how you make this one.

I think the problem of your game is that you make it for a group of friend. And then, said: "Hey we could make money on this one, let's fool a community on it".
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carnator  [developer] May 30, 2013 @ 7:33am 
You can play Just Tactics for free forever...I'm not sure how you can possibly be complaining about price.
A one time payment unlocks additional features and ALL future additional features and DLC. This is completely unlike other games that are free, but then make you keep paying for item after item so you have to "pay to win". I think the pricing model is actually pretty good...
and disagree with your assessment on the pricing.

As far as it being not easy to learn the game, yes, that is something I agree with you on. It is hard for a new player to learn how to play. We need to keep working on that. If you want to learn I can help teach you, then you can teach your friends.
2 A.M. (Eloi) May 30, 2013 @ 1:50pm 
Ok, sorry, my fault. I did not wrote what I through.
What I wanted to say about "ask to pay 20$",
is that when a visitor arrive on the first page, the first think he see is "Pay 20$".
If he is lazy, he won't look far away on the website if it is free or not.

Why not put a banner with "Free to play" or display less the visibility of "Buy it" (at least on the main page).
Plus, you do not write "free" on the main page of your website, but "Try it".
And "Try it" on the web often means: "Came for a try of x days before paying".
Most people run away from that.

So what I means (by: So do not attack them by asking to pay "directly"), is that it is not clear enough at a first look.

I did not wanted to be aggressive :(.
Sorry about that.
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carnator  [developer] May 30, 2013 @ 3:02pm 
Its ok :) I think I will take your suggestion. Push the playing for free over the buying, it will help to get a bigger community.
WyrdNexus Jun 3, 2013 @ 11:00pm 
I really like the ideas you're putting forward here. Your game looks fun, engaging, and dynamic.
My two cents for your home page:
Replace the home page "Buy It for..." button, with:

Download: [Windows] - [Linux]
Help Us Grow: [$20 - unlock everything]

(add a small "more info" link under and right-edge aligned with the buy button, that shows your free vs pay checklist)
... or something similar.

I really hope to see your game take off.
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carnator  [developer] Jun 4, 2013 @ 11:40am 
WyrdNEXUS thank you for your suggestions :)
How much does your period last op? You're bleeding all over them, give them some credit for releasing a great game.
Originally posted by Illidan Stormrage:
How much does your period last op? You're bleeding all over them, give them some credit for releasing a great game.

4 years later ;)
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