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Havel The Rock May 19, 2014 @ 9:08am
Dibbler Mod "Pros, cons and wishes."
Hallo from Russia Guys!
Today I want to open this topic. Apologize in advance for my English.
- this mod (My personal opinion)
Corse!Dibbler mods is wonderfull projekt, but I think so:
RO2HOS the game is about Stalingrad! Therefore the period of time 17 july 1942 - 2 february 1943(Winter.Beginning the year 1943). But in Dibbler mod is have SS uniform of Summer 1943-1944 years and i think what It's bad from a historical point of view.
My scrennshot with Germany boots of 1943 year
All boots of Germany with leg warmers from summer 1943-44 years.
It is error and I hope this will correct.
+ Very Very wonderfull mod with great potential! I hope what in the future there will be many news!
If mod designers and engineers not against the, I can give a couple ideas for weapons and uniform with foto and screenshots.