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The Dead Linger - Alpha
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Zag  [developer] May 23, 2013 @ 3:36pm
The Dead Linger FAQ
This is taken from our main forums, figured I would cross-post it here. It covers a lot of the questions we get. You can view it in its original format, here.[] Hope you guys find it useful!

The Dead Linger FAQ

[Last updated: 5/23/2013]


This FAQ was originally written by a forum member, so we can not ensure that everything is 100% accurate, but we will be updating it over time and refining the information found herein.

We will try to keep it as up to date and accurate as possible. If you are looking for progress and more information about the game, we highly recommend checking out our Development Roadmap.[]

General FAQ

Can I ask a question?
You just did! And yes, you can always ask questions, but make sure you read this FAQ first! Something might have been answered.

What is The Dead Linger?
The Dead Linger is a first person, sandbox role-playing survival horror that takes place in massive, procedurally generated worlds.

Wow, sounds huge! How many people can play in a single world?
First and foremost, know that The Dead Linger is not considered an MMO. However, you can play up to a maximum of at least 16 players, and many more if your server can handle it. We're currently working to get that player limit as high as we can, and you can set the number as high as you want.

Is it going to be on PC? Mac? Linux?
The Dead Linger is currently exclusive to digital download on the PC, but we are interested in bringing the game to Mac and Linux later on. People who buy the PC version will also get the Mac and Linux versions available to them if we end up releasing them. Though we offer no support for Mac and Linux at this time, some users have written guides (Mac[], Linux[]) on how to emulate Windows on both in order to play The Dead Linger.

What about Steam?
We love Steam! We actually have The Dead Linger on Greenlight right now! Vote for us on Greenlight!

And what about consoles?
We have no plans to bring The Dead Linger to console platforms right now, but if the PC versions are highly successful, the chance of that will drastically increase. If you are looking to play The Dead Linger with a gamepad, check out programs like XPadder, we hear those work pretty well! We do not offer any official controller support at this time.

Will the game have guns in it? Most zombie games nowadays either have military assault rifles laying everywhere, or 1 gun per every 1 million zombies!
The Dead Linger will have guns, and lots of them. TDL is based off of the United States culture and environment, and as we all know, there are quite a few civilian firearms to be found. If you choose to go the noisy, dangerous route of firearms, you can. Military firearms are much more rare, though.

How do you kill zombies? Will they bleed to death if I hit them enough?
Zombies can only be killed by a headshot, or by otherwise destroying the head. Zombies can not be killed from being shot in the limbs or torso, but dismemberment (planned) will slow them down quite a bit.

Will there be vehicles?
We have plans for vehicles, both land, sea, and air. They are a very large and complex feature, and we want to make sure they're working at a fairly smooth level before we release it to the public.

What if I don't want to play multiplayer? Can I play alone?
Yes. You can play completely alone if that's what you prefer.

I don't want to play with random people, can I play with just my friends?
Yes, you can host your own servers and play with your friends all you'd like.

I don't have any friends. What if I want to just shoot people and make their lives miserable in The Dead Linger?
You're a psychopath, but you're in luck! We have some Player vs. Player (PvP) modes planned, and there will be clearly marked PvP servers for all of your team and free for all needs. You may want to keep watching out for zombies though – they're not going anywhere in the PvP game modes. The zombies are the main threat in The Dead Linger, and always will be.

How do I regroup with my friends or teammates?
When you join a server, we will allow you to resume at the place you left off last time you were in that server, or we'll allow you to spawn in near to your teammates. This means if your friends run off without you while you had to drive your little sister to clarinet practice, you can still join back in and find yourself within a reasonable walking distance from your buddies.

Speaking of spawning, how do I spawn into the world?
There is a central region where all new players will spawn into a given world. After that, they will return to the same place they disconnect from.

What if I'm killed? Do I respawn?
Depending on difficulty, yes and no. In most game difficulties you will respawn nearby. The harder the difficulty, the more items you will lose and the further away you will respawn from the scene of your death (planned.) There is also a planned Hardcore Perma-Death mode that will allow you to play the game with one life. If you die, you are dead, and you do not respawn. You will have to start over fresh with no way to re-obtain your lost items and progress (multiplayer), or start a new character and world entirely. (singleplayer).

How does difficulty work? What are the difficulty levels?
The Dead Linger is a difficult game. No matter what difficulty you are set to, there will be blood, eventually. Game difficulty is tied on a player-by-player basis. This means a player who is more skilled can play with his less-skilled friend, and they can both enjoy the game together.

There will be 5 varying levels of difficulty, spawning you further away from the location of your death, damaging the items in your inventory to different degrees, and dictating what you drop when you die. For example, the easiest difficulty will simply respawn you with slight durability damage and all your gear on your person. The second hardest difficulty will severely damage your gear and you will drop all of it. The 5th difficulty is a Hardcore Perma-Death mode that will allow you to play the game with one life. If you die, you are dead, and you do not respawn.

Damage and other stats do not change on difficulties, so this does not affect how hard it is to survive, but only the penalties for death.

Is the respawn zone a safe zone? What if I get spawn-camped by another player? What if a zombie is standing right next to me when I spawn in?
We are doing quite a few checks to ensure you never spawn too close to another player, or within line of sight or in the immediate area of a zombie. Outside of that immediate area, you are on your own and must keep your wits about you. If you disconnect from a server with zombies chasing you, you, they will be there when you come back in, however.

I want to play Last Man Standing on my TDL server! Can I automatically ban players when they die in Hardcore mode while playing on my server?
Yes, we have plans for such a ban option, and we'd like to give that ban option a time limit as well, so you can let them back in after a certain amount of time has elapsed, or perhaps some other rules to help server admins manage their “Last Man Standing” game modes.

So what are the game modes I can play?
We currently have three main game modes planned for The Dead Linger;
1) Survival – This is the standard singleplayer and coop experience. You can still kill players, but it's a bit more difficult, and the focus is mainly on forming parties to survive the zombie apocalypse.
2) Team PvP – This is a more standard mode of PvP play. When joining a server, you will select between 2 to 8 teams, and you will join the team of your choosing. You will spawn into the world near your teammtes. The game is essentially the same as survival, zombies and all, but there is a more PvP oriented focus as you battle alongside your teammates, against the opposing players, to live, kill, and survive in the zombie apocalyspe.
3) FFA PvP – There are no rules. Survive. Kill or be killed. If you want to form unofficial alliances with the other players in this undead world, fine, but don't expect the other guy to hold up his end of the deal. If he backstabs you and takes all your gear, don't say we didn't warn you. Keep your head down. This game mode is not for the faint of heart.

The ENTIRE world is randomly generated?
Sort of. The entire world is procedurally generated, randomly. It follows a set of rules we've programmed into the engine, to build things, place objects, and tell things where they can and can't go. When we're done with it (and in some parts, even early on,) it will be indistinguishable from a world that was made by hand.

Wow! You must have some badass programmers with an IQ of like 400.
Yes. The art team isn't too shabby either. We won't say anything about management.

Does this game use seeds to generate its worlds?
Yes. You can share seeds (usually a string of numbers or letters) with your friends and generate the same worlds when you create a server. Seeds will be changing often during Alpha and Beta, though, as we constantly upgrade the world generation.

Can't I just keep getting good items because I'll know where all the good stuff is?
Not necessarily. Item generation is not tied to the world seed, to prevent people from generating the same seed and farming a really nice item they know the exact location of. Even on the same seed, you will rarely ever find the same thing in the exact same spot.

Do I have an inventory system?
Yes, and we go over it in adequate detail (for now) on this Design of the Dead blog post.[]

Cool, so you guys are copying Diablo 2's inventory?

... Uh. Oookay.
Actually, we've found the block inventory system to be a pretty sweet system as it is, but we've made quite a few tweaks and improvements to giving you all sorts of context-sensitive information within the menu. Still, the idea is the same – items are represented by block sizes and equipped in visual slots you move the item to. We understand a lot of RPGs have recently gone towards 'list” inventories, and it made us vomit all over the floor. After we cleaned up all the puke, we started work on the current system, and it's going to rock.

So, you mention it's an RPG. What kind of RPG elements will we find? Item stats? Dexterity?
We're keeping most of the number crunching out of the game, and focusing more on play-style preference. It's an RPG in the sense that – yes, you can role-play – the player is developing, learning, growing, and learning new skills, but the majority of skills in the game come down to each player. Not just that, there are no classes in the game. If you want to be a big melee brawler, you can choose perks that allow you to thrive in close quarters and do more melee damage.

What are perks?
In order to help player's get their preferred playstyle sorted out better, players will unlock perks by accomplishing feats. Once a perk is unlocked, they can equip it to their player and it will modify what their player is good at. Some examples of this are the “Marksman” perk, that gives you steadier aim on firearms, or the “Brawler” perk, that gives you increased melee damage. You can currently have 3 perks active at any given time, and we have about 50 unique perks planned at this time.

What are the required and/or minimum PC requirements?!
You can view the current minimum requirements here.[]

Let's talk about zombies some more. Are zombies afraid of fire?
No. Zombies aren't afraid of anything, nor are they brave. They're just zombies. They don't think on that level. Fire will kill them, but it takes awhile. You'll want to be well out of range, lest you find yourself being grabbed by a flaming zombie.

What kinds of zombies are there? Are there special infected?
There aren't and there will never be special infected or other kinds of mutated zombies. There will be zombie animals, but the only ones we can confirm right now is Zombie Dogs. Zombies themselves (the human kind) will come in three main types; slow (starving), medium (normal), and fast (healthy.) Healthy zombies will jog at a mild pace (slower than you can sprint) and they will be far more rare than the other two types. They are best dealt with quickly.

Do zombies react to noise? Sight? Smell? Touch?
Yes to all. Be careful.

Are zombies pushovers?
No. The majority of zombie games as of late have added more and more non-zombies to the “zombie” ranks, and changed zombies in such a way that they are the cannon-fodder for much bigger foes. That is not the case in The Dead Linger. Zombies are the prime enemy and we've gone to great lengths to ensure that is the case. Be very afraid, and be very careful out there.

How many zombies might I find in a crowd?
Currently we are working with numbers of zombies up to around 500 in the local proximity to a player, and that's just in Pre-Alpha. You could theoretically find crowds of zombies numbering in the hundreds, possibly thousands when we are finished.

That's a lot. I'm scared.
Good. And that wasn't a question.

Sorry. So can I buy and play this yet!? It sounds awesome!
You can pre-order the game[] right now. If you pre-order or otherwise buy the game, you can play it when Alpha Release goes live, and you will be able to play it all the way through alpha, beta, and release, without ever having to pay again.

Is there a monthly fee to play the game?
No. You only have to purchase the game once, ever.

Can I monetize on YouTube videos of The Dead Linger and record "Let's Play" commentaries and the like? What about machinima videos?
Yes, yes, and yes! Have fun! If Youtube or other video services bother you, just wave this page[] around in their face.

That's awesome!
That wasn't a question either. Try again.

Random Item/Weapon Questions

Will guns have bullet drop, other bullet physics and penetration of surfaces?
Eventually. During Alpha, most guns will be pretty straightforward -- literally.

How will reloading work?
Awesomely. We have a huge system we're working on for reloading weapons and keeping it realistic. Here's a great blog post[] on our planned firearms and ammunition system!

Will gas masks and other helmets/facemasks obscure your vision?
Yes, when you are wearing a gas mask, you will see the subtle frame of the gas mask around the edge of your screen and hear your breathing a bit louder. This applies to all sorts of headgear. We feel this really cranks up the immersion.

Can I nail boards to walls in any manner I please?
Yes. You can literally take a board and nail it to the walls, windows, or doors, in whatever way you please. The skill in this does determine the strength of your barricades. You can see an example of this in our 009 Dev Vlog.

Can I go now?

Suggest or ask questions in this thread!
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camelCase May 24, 2013 @ 8:36am 
Dafudge... ima buy dis
whystler Jun 3, 2013 @ 9:34am 
Will items restock/respawn or will resources/supplies eventually deplete completely in a game world? IOW, is there a soft limit to just how long i can play a single game or can i thrive in a single spawned world indefinetely?
Zag  [developer] Jun 3, 2013 @ 5:07pm 
@Whystler: Since the world is basically the size of a planet, there is always more to do and explore. Currently an area will run out of supplies. We are planning to add some renewable resources (i.e. farming) in a later build.
Is there an ETA on the next update? And in the next update will it include netcode?
Zag  [developer] Jun 3, 2013 @ 5:34pm 
@tcbs1p3r101: The glitchiness of the networking at times is generally due to server overload, not necessarily the netcode itself. The next update will definitely be addressing this, and changing much of how we do things. (Next update we're working on is basically an engine overhaul.)
Thankyou for responding. And what do you mean by server overload. I only have me and my friend in a server? Also i saw something On your website about adding more guns. LIke AR-15s and revolvers or military knives and steak knives. Again i thankyou for your time!
Zag  [developer] Jun 3, 2013 @ 5:57pm 
Basically what we mean by server overload is that the server is chugging through the world generation for each player (even if it's two) and while it's doing that, it's not simultaneously updating everything else all at once, so things can get behind a bit. It's really a multi-part problem, but we've already found the issues and the next update should help out in a very substantial way.

We definitely have more guns and melee weapons planned. While we are avoiding real-world wepaonry for copyright reasons, the 'archetypes' will all exist. You can expect something very similar to an AR-15 at some point in the future. (And revolvers, and military knives, and so on.)
Last edited by Zag; Jun 3, 2013 @ 5:58pm
Thanks hate to be the bother but i just had to!! :) very satisfied customer!!!!! :))))
Vagrant Jun 12, 2013 @ 7:41am 
"You could theoretically find crowds of zombies numbering in the hundreds, possibly thousands when we are finished."


That's going to be insane. Just insane. :D
Sgt Craig Jun 27, 2013 @ 9:31am 
so will the price of the dead linger go up on steam because 20$ is good price for an epic looking game as this but if it goes to 30$ or 40$ you better impress me alot more
Zag  [developer] Jun 28, 2013 @ 4:48pm 
[DgWl] SgtCraig: The price will remain $19.99 until Beta, which is a ways off still. Check our info page for our pricing plan. (Scroll down)
Leomupi Jul 11, 2013 @ 9:05pm 
Any possibility for Oculus Rift Compatability?
Last edited by Leomupi; Jul 11, 2013 @ 9:05pm
Zag  [developer] Jul 12, 2013 @ 10:47am 
Originally posted by Leohotshot:
Any possibility for Oculus Rift Compatability?
There's a dev kit sitting on my desk, so... Yes.
Squeeli Jul 22, 2013 @ 12:42pm 
is there a possibility of building deformation, automatic or otherwise? Say i wanted to destroy a wall, or burn down a neighbor's house for extra visibility?
Zag  [developer] Jul 22, 2013 @ 12:46pm 
Originally posted by squeeli:
is there a possibility of building deformation, automatic or otherwise? Say i wanted to destroy a wall, or burn down a neighbor's house for extra visibility?
We have some plans there, but nothing we're talking about just yet.
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