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The Stomping Land
Grim5Boyz Nov 4, 2013 @ 11:34pm
What I would like to see.
Hey guys, Kinda new to the whole Greenlight Community so... please don't hate me for my opinions, Like i said, This is what i'll like to see in this game.

As much as I like the bow in this game (In the Elder Scrolls series I’m more of an assassin that favors the bow) But I would like to see more weapons other than the Bow. I would love to see Melee weapons that’s inspired from Native American tribe, (not saying EXACTLY their respective weapon but add a twist to it) Such as the Apache Horse-jaw Tomahawk (Idea came from a show called “The Deadliest Warrior”) or maybe the Aztec’s Macuahuitl (basically a sword-club that has Obsidian blades in the club itself, also came from the show “The Deadliest Warrior”). Or give us the option to switch to another range weapon such as the Cherokee Blowgun or a simple sling. Why suggest these two range weapons? To use them as Stealth weapons against other players without giving away your position, but the only downfall I could see from this is that they might be a little OP (Over Powered | for those who might not know.) To sum it all up, more weapons would be GREATLY appreciated and amazing addition to the game.

In the updates I’ve seen from this game, there were a few concept drawings in the game that actually had a variety of armor customization (With bones of your kill) as well as Tattoos. I found a few of them great while the rest were ok but I have faith in the DEV team that they will think of more. BUT, just saying, you could give us total control to make custom tattoos once you’re in a tribe so you can distinguish one tribe from another. More paint options maybe? One of the video did show the viewers how to mix berries to get different colors; maybe we could receive more color options to be available in the game? Also! You think it will be possible to use mud as a way to mask our scent when we are sneaking upon our prey and maybe even other hunters? If not, I completely understand, these are just things I’ll like to see. :)

I know, I know… Your blood is probably boiling because I used the word “Magic” as my next thing I’ll like to see in this game BUT WAIT! Here me out on this one… various tribes have been known to have Medicine Men/women in their tribe… You see what I’m doing here? That’s why I had a question mark after the word magic :P but moving on. These Medicine men/women or Shamans have been known to be leaders of a tribe or co-leaders. Another role these shamans took up was to bring peace and harmony to other groups/tribes as well as humans & nature. So maybe somewhere in this game we could see shamans healing their hunters or give them blessings (buff them up essentially) before they decide to go out and hunt once more. Or maybe the fans and Devs can find another way to imply these shamans into the game. I for one would like to see medicine men/woman in this game performing varies rituals to entreat different spirits for the sake of the tribe or for the sake of the hunters.
I will admit my friend and I felt that there shouldn’t be any magic in this game, PERIOD. But, hopefully this will… persuade her to think otherwise because after our discussion I started to think about shamans in Native American history.

A sensitive subject for some and for others it doesn’t matter, but this matters for me because I do recognize there are female gamers out there that might want to play a slender female character than a hulking male character… or maybe they DO want to play as men heheheh. Ok moving on, maybe some players want to make an all-female tribe with no men such as Amazons (My friend almost slapped me when I even mentioned an all-female tribe… I’m not saying that I’m going to do that, just thinking about all the possibilities) Or someone want to make a tribal society where only the men hunt while woman gather resources and vice versa. I for one would enjoy seeing female characters in this game and possibly giving us the option to customize their physical appearance. In the three videos that have been released to the public, I have yet to see a single female avatar in this game so hopefully this would be an idea that others could agree with me?

Off topic:[/h1]
Now for something that a friend of mine wants to see. (Not the same friend that wanted to slap me, let’s call him… Arthur.) Arthur would like to see villages so we can have quests and obtain quest items. Honestly in my opinion, I put no thought into this but my female friend hates this idea for reason that it will take away some fun out of the game. But Arthur keeps trying to push this idea onto me. “Think about it, some one could say ‘There is a pack of [some dinos species] that’s about to destroy our village, can you set up some traps to make sure we’re safe?’ or ‘I need [insert item name] to make [insert completed item] can you get it for me? It’s over at [insert place, landmark, destination, etc.]’ I think this idea could work!” But for me, it would feel like an MMORPG such as World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2 so I can’t say this is a bad idea or a good idea, so I won’t really comment on it.

Another idea I heard other people would like to see in this game would be an Auction house system. Now… I can’t really see this kind of system in the game, If you want to get materials but have waaaay to much meat, then trade with another tribe just… Don’t appear too hostile towards them and pray to your spirits that they are not the “Kill-you-for-no-good-reason” kind of tribe and steal your items. But some of us can’t help ourselves but kill that particular hunter because they killed us in the past and we want revenge or they possibly stole your kill, try to see past that and maybe you can make a peaceful community that will only last for a while with other like-minded players.
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MayhemFox Nov 9, 2013 @ 6:28am 
yes i agree. are they still making it though?
Grim5Boyz Nov 9, 2013 @ 10:29pm 
To my knowledge, yes. They are still very must interested in finishing the game and releasing it.
The Gleed In My Eyes Nov 14, 2013 @ 2:51am 
This is a game I am really interested in playing. I hope it comes out soon
Grim5Boyz Nov 15, 2013 @ 7:27pm 
To my knowledge, it will be release next year of May. But, good games done right will have their first release date push back so they can Polish it up for us... something Rome 2 didn't do.
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Josh Nov 24, 2013 @ 11:03pm 
NOOO! Those are the most ♥♥♥♥♥est ideas other than the first two. The game looks AMAZING how it is to be honest. We do NOT need this to be another MMORPG, Only things I could suggest is that maybe some soundtrack from the movie "Acopolypto" some different dinosaurs, having to collect your supplies and making it take longer to build things and 'maybe' have some smaller islands around the larger island.
I would buy the game how it is really, no offense but I cringed looking at your ideas ahah
Grim5Boyz Nov 26, 2013 @ 7:20pm 
No problem Malacath, you didn't offend me whatsoever. Everyone are entitled to their own opinions right? :P as for your suggestion about the soundtrack from Apocalypto(i believe you meant this) would be amazing, love the movie. And as for the add additional Islands, That's a major yes in my opinion. I know a great number of people who would try to go to the island to either see what's there or set up their tribe on the island. As for me, I will go to the Boneyard, Very low food sources but hey, Grab some bones and make your hunter look bad*** hahaha.
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bug12lm Dec 6, 2013 @ 8:15am 
i think more weapons is a must! i would love to see spears inthis game tomahawks would be great too and the option of male and female infact most of your ideas are what id like to see but i also think there should be a single player aspect to this game
Schizo Dec 9, 2013 @ 2:48pm 
Hi there!

I would like to see different seasons, so that you would have to hunt furry animals to withstand the cold of winter and have enough food ´cause there are not so much dinos around. Also you could then have the chance to follow tracks and stuff. OK OK cold weather an dinosaurs dont mix sooo well xD but hey ist still a game and i like the idea to have to prepare for some hard times :-)

Next would be day and nighttime with different dinos so that you for example could try to find the sleeping location off hard to catch dinos and kill or tame them while they are asleep.
Or you could try to get some totem parts in hope that no one can see you.
Your tribe would have to place torches around the camp to keep dinos away and protect the totem from beeing stolen by other players.

A few more needs could fit pretty good into the game like thirst and warmth (like in nighttime or winter). You and your trime then would have to deliberate about whether to live near a source of water (wich could be a sign saying "hey our camp is here come get our stuff") or live further away and have to travel a lot or find a way to get a good stock of water at the camp.

But i don´t want to ignore your ideas and off topics Grim5Boys ;)

I like the idea with the tattoo and love the one with the mud, camoflage in general would be a grate thing (especially when there are no nametags above the charakters as long as they are not in your grup or tribe ;) )
But what about the thing with the bow as the "only" weapon ? whats better than one weapon? Right more waepons xD I agree, some more weapons (well balanced) would be pretty nice :-)
Also different genders are standart I think an should be part of the game.
When I first read the word magic I thought omg no, not magic!!! but i have to apologise...
The idea of shamans and how you explained it is GREAT, but i would make them npc´s wich spawn in a tribes camp when it reaches a certain number of players and would grant them one buff for the whole tribe (wich would be chosen by some kind of voting of the tribe members). Also the shaman could create a necklace for each member, each granting a special ability or buff to him/her but needing a certain amount of materials. The better you want the effect to be the more different to get the ingredience. Oh and the shamane could make healing stuff to take with you.
So the shaman would be a great reason to build a big tribe and work together, ones again this is a great idea :-)
Now for the AH: simple... no AH but real trade between players, because i like interacting with others :-)
And the 2nd thing: "Me don´t need no quest, me need more dinos xD"

SO I just have one last thing an then I give your eyes a chance to rest ;)
I would like the chance of joining a server (or something else) with no PVP but just working together, I personally dont like PVP and i´m afraid that this game would turn out to become like Day Z, its a grate game but it has become a big PVP-killing game in my opinion and i want to survive with my friends in a vast and hostile world, full of dinos, where evrey false step could mean certain death to you and your tribes members.
So please think about making some kind of PVE servers or give us the chance to start an own server where we can be friends with everyone (exept the dinos we want to eat ;) )

I hope you like the ideas I mentioned and that my english was not too bad ;) i would like to read something from you soon

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Grim5Boyz Dec 10, 2013 @ 10:21pm 
There are giving us throwing spear but only one at a time, I think it makes the most sense to me, but that's what i think althought I don't know if the spear is only limited to throwing or it will have melee capabilities I know on their website in the forum section they actually have Arrows modifers(different type of arrows) as well as buildable objects such as stakes, vaulting poles, etc. Arrows, Objects, and Resources[] This is the name of the topic, feel free to put some of your ideas here.

To my understanding, I don't remember many furry animals that lived in the era of dinosaurs so I have to disagree with you on this... sorry Schizo, I'm not trying to offend or hurt your feelings.The Totems pieces gives certain abilities to the tribe and help accomplish task. A fully-maxed out Totem will grant you the ability to tame a T-Rex (for mount purposes). Cycles for days i'm actually going to agree with you on that. As for the thirst and warmth purpose in game... I have nothing to say about it. Its not a bad or a good idea its just something I don't think about in games.

Thank you for your opinion of the Shaman topic, I like the idea of them becoming NPC but I might have to agree with Malacath the game would feel like another MMORPG (Big WoW fan btw) But we don't need another one.

Now... Player Vs. Player, Sorry Schizo but this is SURVIVAL, encounting other players/ tribes has to be normal in a game like this. BUT! most likely they might have the option of have private servers for you and your friends. And I'll admit, I'm one of those players where i'm playing a game... let's say... GTA V and i'm cruising around and someone starts to follow me. Most likely i'll kill first and ask questions later. Most players I meet in GTA V has that "Must Kill" tendency. Just like GTA and probably this game... will be a Kill or Be Killed kind of game. I do hope that players who join in this game won't be like that at all and actually would love to do some trading.

Again, this is only my opinions and I'm more than willing to listen to your ideas or suggestions, I'm very easy to talk with and won't start a pointless internet argument. Also Once this game goes live my tribe name will be "Bone-Chewer Clan" i'll most likely set up my tribe's camp in the Dinosaur Boneyard. Tribe's color will be a Bleached bone tan... if i'm able to make those colors >_<
ReachForTheSkybox Dec 13, 2013 @ 12:47pm 
Check the dates:
Taming requires something called "Hunt" not totems. Totems instead give abilities.
We have no clue how spears work anymore.
That map was conceptual, and as we have been shown concept art is subject to change

On the other hand, Mosasaur harpooning is what I would like to see.
But alot of the initial Ideas are under consideration as a matter of fact (Not Magic or Quests, ugh).
These are very likely as far as I know.

Schizo Dec 15, 2013 @ 1:21pm 
@ Grim5Boyz

First of all thanks for your friendly answers and I don´t feel offended or hurt :-)

Quote " To my understanding, I don't remember many furry animals that lived in the era of dinosaurs so I have to disagree with you on this... sorry Schizo, I'm not trying to offend or hurt your feelings."

In the case, that there have been no furry animals around and so there cannot be some in the game, then i have to say that there have been no Humans, like the one you play in the game, in the era of dinos ;) But I understant your argumentation

Also there actually have not just been a few Dinos with fur, but actually since 2012 the majority of scientist agree that almost all Dinos might have had some kind of down feathers (calles dino fuzz). The problem only is that fur is decomposed really quikly and so quite difficult to find in fossils. But in 2012 they found a fossil of Sciurumimus wich had this Dino Fuzz and since then a lot more ;)

Quote: "Thank you for your opinion of the Shaman topic, I like the idea of them becoming NPC but I might have to agree with Malacath the game would feel like another MMORPG (Big WoW fan btw) But we don't need another one"

Yep, we dont need a next WoW so the idea of the shaman should be used carefully, but i would like to see it :-)

I´m going to come around with some new ideas this week :-)

Grim5Boyz Dec 18, 2013 @ 8:33pm 
@ CarNo65
Thank you for correcting me, i wasn't sure if the tame ability was actually part of the totem buff or not. Again, thank you!

Also, be happy that this "magic" business is not going to be put in the game so we can breathe easy heheh.

@ Schizo
No problem, i try to be friendly, Even though it is the internet and its basically Anything goes kinda rule, I, at times, will be nice to someone even if they are mean towards me.

But as for as the infomation you gave me, I'm not a dinosaur expert and have no idea they even had this "dino fur" or anything about them. Not really a huge dino fan. Only reason i'm interested in this game because of the woman in my topic posting are now dating. Basically if she likes a game, I will like it, But it doesn't work the other way around with me lol... But now I started thinking of the idea, having Shamans could ruin the game so lets not get too hyped up about something that will not make it into the game. :)
QueueTip Dec 24, 2013 @ 8:03pm 
Many animals are good, but I think, over big, it needs small animals. If there are small animals, that would mean the survivors are going to need to plan the traps accordingly. Also, the animals should only be roaming in certain biomes that have that certain food they can eat, or have certain groups migrate to different areas. This would require more thinking when planning your next hunt for food. Another thing would be water sources, I can imagine that this is already being planned, but make sure to add underwater creatures so as to not make it to easy. Try adding certain other elements such as berries and tree leaves, to bait bigger creatures in and maybe being able to take it down. A crafting system. The natives got their weapons from animal hides and etc. make this possible with flint to sharpen arrows (unlimited amounts of arrows are to frustrating. But don't make it to where everyone has a list of what they can make. Like in Minecraft (if you don't look it up) make it to where you have try random things, or even make putting random things together possible, such as putting an arrowhead on a tree tip and then you can name the weapon yourself (since it was the time of finding out new things), wrap it up in some nice rope and throw or hit a dinosaur with it. My ideas could go on because this looks like a great game and I would love to play it!
Grim5Boyz Dec 25, 2013 @ 9:57pm 

In one of my previous comments, there is a link to different types of Arrowheads and its usages so that part is covered. To my knowledge, Berries are in-game as well as Smaller dinosaurs. Traps as well and Biomes for different dinosaurs. For Example, if you're in a forest area you will noticed berries and dinosaurs all around but if you head out to the Dinosaur Boneyard, resources are scarce out there. Oh! and fishing is do-able just... You'll need an arrow with a rope attached to it, hit the fish and basically drag it out. as for Crafting, No word on their website
QueueTip Dec 25, 2013 @ 11:36pm 
Cool thanks, yea I haven't done my research very well. from what I saw their website was rather vague when I checked a few days ago. Though I'm not sure how I like the idea of "quests" I feel this game should more stay along the lines of "survival simulator where everyone can kill eachother equally" in other words no XP gaining, just PVP and suriving stampedes.
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