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Agarest: Generations of War
Why don't most gaming publications talk about this?
Uh....something. There, Valve. I said something!

Anyway, so this has been greenlit. Hooray! But as I go around the internet (via our good friends at Google) for any news articles on this (not that it'd say anything else or anything), but so far...I see none.

So why do most of the major outlets (IGN, GameSpot, etc) not talk about this excellent news*? Do they have something against JRPGs on PC (or just JRPGs in general)?

*By "news" I mean the possibility of more JRPGs like this (not just Ys) coming to PC via Steam. The Last Remnant is good and all (probably the best JRPG on PC right now), but it's really the ONLY JRPG on Steam, and if Record of Agarest War (I live in the US so that's how it's known to me) on PC sells well, it could very well lead to that.
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