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Zeroki  [developer] Jul 31, 2013 @ 4:37am
Shuttle - future plans
as an indie game maker - you can understand it takes time to test and create a game - and even more time to add addional elements to a game, I do like it though. Here are some ideas that may be added to this game if it gets enough interest, also some cool things you may not know...

Future Possible Additions:
  • improved sounds
  • addional save files
  • export to other systems, Mac Linux etc
  • add more game achievements
  • more game content including a starting tutorial and game tips
  • story mode - follow the story of shuttle
  • graphic HD options, allows the player to switch from classic to HD
  • player designed skins and texture packs
  • 3D sound
  • characters inc. drivers and commanders
  • voice acting and SFX

    Super down the track
  • LAN play and IP/online
  • server etc.
  • realms - a randomly generated realm that expands as you play creating entirely random and different mashes or games.
  • level creator - make you own games ingame, plus export so friends can play them.
  • Shuttle Online - one massive online game. teams with 1 shuttle per player.

    These are some of the possiblilties that I hope to add and work on in the furture, some sooner than others, also this relies on common interest also as I currently have limited time to work on the game.

    You may win the battle - but will you win the war?