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Game Dev Tycoon
Tide Pod Man Jul 9, 2013 @ 7:31pm
New Gameplay Ideas/ Concepts For Game Dev. Tycoon
Some helpful suggestions on game improvment/experience I've thought or seen would be:

1. Multiple Console Platforms for games.
2. More Marketing options. (GRID sales or specials.)
3. Game Patches to improve sales, or gain fans over time intervals.
4. Prequals.
5. Bigger Contracts! Contracts worth Millions!
6. More Topics! No Zombie topics? (Add Multi-Topics, 2+)
7. More Research options?
8. Fix confirming ratings/contracts. Hands gets tired clicking buttons.
9. Office Customizations? More options to upgrade desktops, Alienware type?
10. Hardware Department Reseach? Cooler Consoles? Cheaper building options?
11. Publiser options? Work out deals with companies? Receive more money from sales?
12. International Development options? Localizations?
13. Projects could take less time. Game development takes longer for much more money.
14. Allow Alpha/Beta testing to fix ratings or suggestions.
15. Protype Game development to focus training or reducing Game Engine Build Time?
16. Better Balance in Hiring? 2 million = 600 Tech, 500 Dev? not 550/230....
17. Update Current Game Engine For Cheap? Not a whole engine unless it's graphics.

Great game overall, I'd love to see it become so much more.
Feel free to cooment or add anything I possible missed. I will edit the list.
Thanks GreenHeart!