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Assault Android Cactus
💗 Jun 29, 2013 @ 11:33pm
My own suggestions
imo after what I saw around in this game, there are some suggestions in my mind

1 - Balance for Coral and Lemon
So far with those two characters, the hardest thing is to keep the combo going. For Coral, her long time to shoot could cause one bullet missed a enemy, and reset.
I don't have any suggestion, but playing as Cactus and Holly kills enemies a bit easier, thus the combo keeping is easier. You guy should take a little bit of that in mind.

2 - Froze the combo time during environment change
For chars hard to keep combo like Coral and Lemon, well, when you have kills, but the thing that ruins the combo build is nothing but the environment change, which could cause frustrating at all.
My suggest is to froze it during those changes.

That's all, thanks for reading
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SMishra  [developer] Jun 30, 2013 @ 1:33am 
Thanks for the suggestions! You're right that Coral in particular has a hard time chaining enemies due to slow fire rates, but to balance that out she has some of the highest scoring potential because of the multi-kill score multipliers and in fact my highest scores right now are all with Coral :)

One of our balancing tests is making sure we can S+ rank every level with every character so believe me when I say we'll be keeping an eye on this! Some of the later characters will have even more abstract weapon sets, but they all have to be viable for that precious S+ rank.

The frozen chain meter is an interesting one, for now we are focussed on making the levels smooth and seamless so that you shouldn't need an artificial helper like this, but if it becomes a real issue when we have more crazy level changes in the later zones then we'll have to re-evaluate it.

Keep the ideas coming! This is the best part of indie development, we can talk directly with the players such as yourself :)

Guess I better get back to work so we can finish the game and get everyone playing!
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