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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
Paraskevi Jun 29, 2013 @ 11:41pm
Let's talk money biz
Okay, so I recently heard about Gunz 2 coming out
Checked out the discussions, but still decided to create a new one
since everyone is forgetting about one huge factor! MONEY:money:.
[and yes, this will be one hell of a long read]

1. K-style
To start off, here is a brief game description that Maiet has up on their homepage[]

"GunZ 2 is the official sequel of GunZ the Duel, which is played by over 19 million global users. It is action shooting game in third person view that focus on K-Style, wall climbing, and interactive boss battle."

and to confirm the confusion from "It", It does refer to Gunz 2 as shown in Korean passage:
극한으로 사용한 물리 엔진을 기반으로 K-Style, 벽타기 및 초거대 보스전을 특징으로 하는 건즈2는 3인칭 시점의 액션슈팅게임으로 전세계 1900만 게이머가 즐기고 있는 건즈의 정식 후속작입니다.
* If you can't read it, grab and ask anyone fluent in Korean.
Don't use google translate seriously.

I think that nails the discussion on whether K-style will be back for Gunz 2
But then again, we need to discuss about the definition of "K-Style" since according to those who participated in the beta, there wasn't any (at least not discovered yet or not-known to public yet).

And, let's face it, the main reason K-style wasn't patched is probably because they couldn't patch it due to the gaming engine. We even have people making fun of Gunz 2 being a properly patched version of Gunz with K-style blocked.

This will allow the newcomers to enjoy the game, potentially increasing the revenue of Gunz 2 by inviting larger target group of players to the game, but this poses a huge risk.
Explained below

2. Gunz

Yes, existance of Gunz is hindering the release of Gunz 2. There I said it.
The only reason Gunz is still around is because it makes revenue.

If Gunz 2 were to service simultaneously with Gunz, it means the users from Gunz will either choose to stay with Gunz or move on to Gunz 2. So, that means decrease in revenue for both of the games and a possible net-loss for both of the games.
How many online games have you seen that services the original and the sequel simultanously? That above is the reason why you don't see a simultaneous servicing.

Forcing people to move onto Gunz 2 when they are still playing Gunz will be a stupid move for Netmarble to make since they are risking a constant source of revenue turning away.
After recently selling Sudden Attack to Nexon, Netmarble needs more sources of income for stable performance. Closing Gunz and starting Gunz 2 will be a risky move for them atm.

The latest client update for Gunz was May 16th, but for Gunz 2, we have yet to see a single proper post about the status update regarding it's development ever since March 3

3. Netmarble

Netmarble doesn't think Gunz 2 as an "FPS", but rather as an "Action RPG"
And don't give me "But Gunz is a TPS, not FPS learn to tell them apart" because Netmarble was considerate enough to create a "RPS" section for Hounds. But still chose to categorize Gunz and Gunz 2 as an "Action RPG".
Why the heck would they do that? Anyone can say Gunz is closer to an FPS then an RPG
[This is me, playing in KR server, not touching Gunz for past 7 years. So, if I happen to be wrong with this opinion, please point it out for me]

Plus, this is korea we are talking about, people buy items based on the stats, not the looks
(I reserve my right to say this about Korean gamers, because I am one)

So, cosmetic pay model (like League of Legends) will be highly unlikely
even if this does comes out, chances of the skins being a perm is close to 0.
It will either be a "7days, 30days, 1 year" payment style or a "Perm Gambling' system

4. Greenlight

I am not flaming greenlight, I'm just talking about this as a food for thought,
I am not asking "why would they release Gunz 2 through Steam?"
Since Steam is arguably one of the best way to distribute games to the PC gamers
But, why Greenlight? with the fame Gunz has, Gunz 2 shouldn't have had too much problem getting its release through Steam.

One of Greenlight's advantage is the ability for small to medium cooperations to build games at a low budget. If this were to apply for Gunz 2, we see a problem. Since it will mean that Maiet is seeing a problem with developing Gunz 2, financially (and I sincerely hope this isn't the case) and probably because Netmarble is not giving it full supports. This probably means the game does have a risk of being cancelled or on a hiatus


I practically blurted out all I can think, so let me summarize:
1) K-style will be back for sure, but probably not as intense
2) Gunz 2 will probably have a P2W model, with low chance of cosmetics sales
3) Gunz 2 has a risk of not getting released at all due to having low budget on development

Of course, I could be wrong about (3) since Netmarble and Maiet would probably have been waiting for Gunz 2 to be greenlite on Steam for simultaneous release in international and korean server for the sales boost they need. So let's hope the recent greenlite signal from Steam will serve as a green signal for Netmarble to release the game
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Emonium Jun 30, 2013 @ 1:01am 
Just commented to say that I read it all... and just a comment on your #2 summarization-
They claimed it wouldn't be ptw and that there would only be cosmetics to buy with cash. The game has this 'optimite' system that increases a stat which you earn within the game.
I can imagine them putting items in the shop to help players abuse this, but for awhile at least, it won't be ptw. By the time it becomes ptw, it shouldn't matter all that much for experienced players. People like myself were not bothered by premium items in the first GunZ
Last edited by Emonium; Jun 30, 2013 @ 1:02am
Paraskevi Jun 30, 2013 @ 8:45am 

5. Alot of us don't want pay to win will premium/cash items effect HP/AP?

(A). MAIET Games: last time I checked, they're just cosmetics. for now. we haven't completely gone over monetization plans yet. so there might be a change to this.

11. Can you tell us more about Optimites?

(A). MAIET Games: Optimite Gears are basically attachment parts that enhances character's stat. that's some how associated with crafting system, which I can't tell you with details just yet. and I know you're gonna ask this, but no optimite gears are not prem items.

Obviously, newly made games will not have a P2W model. They first need to get a public recognition before attempting to print out money. After all, that will just prevent people from even bothering to play the game.

With the information above and current Gunz shop I have recently checked just shows that there will obviously be a P2W model (this is based on KR server, so if it is different, please do correct me)

Also, if you mean K-stylers by "experienced players", you should realize that Gunz 2 will only offer K-style to a very little degree, which still suggest a huge P2W model.
[For instance, look at S4 League]
Xyroid Jun 30, 2013 @ 9:16am 
1. K-Style won't be in GunZ 2 since it's impossible to IMITATE a glitch but there will be some animations that are similar to it. K-Style DID get patched at one point on GunZ, Players complained so MAIET unpatched it.

3. It will be released, even EU and Tawain server is ready to be released this year. It's already been set.
Paraskevi Jun 30, 2013 @ 9:26am 
Well, if they knew how to patch it, that means they should have had known how it worked.
Replicating the glitch itself will be impossible, but mimicking this would have been possible.
And yes, I didn't know about the patch incident since I didn't play Gunz at the very beginning.

3. And, yes let's hope that will be the case. I never said it will not be released.
Just saying there is a risk to it considering the past trend in Korean gaming
JinNJuice Jul 5, 2013 @ 4:47pm 
May I add that they did "patch K-Style" at one point? Their remaining playerbase complained about that, so they unpatched it.
Paraskevi Jul 5, 2013 @ 6:14pm 
Originally posted by JinNJuice:
May I add that they did "patch K-Style" at one point? Their remaining playerbase complained about that, so they unpatched it.
Yes I was corrected about that in a different forum post, thx for the info
But since that did patch it, then K-style should have been able to be mimicked in the code as I have mentioned as said above
JinNJuice Jul 5, 2013 @ 6:19pm 
Oh, I was just mentioning that for those who don't know about that.
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