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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
eliotime3000 Feb 3, 2014 @ 10:20pm
Gunz 2 Delay Theory and a few advices
Gunz The 2nd. Duel has been the major bet of Maiet so far. However, the Steam version has been suffered more delays than the taiwanese and european version due to the following:

1.- Steam is not IJJI, Hangame, Aeria and/or any another F2P publisher that depends necesarily of P2P connections.

2.- Steam allows that the same game developers give the respective maintenance to their own games. This no happend with another F2P publishers like Aeria, FHL Games (Latin America), Softnyx and anothers.

3.- Steam provides better safety against lammers and/or cheaters. The VAC system is obvously better than the crapware of GameGuard, X-Trap and the Apex Protect (the last AC system is recently embedded in games like Wolfteam).

4.- Launcher switching. Normally, most of the south korean F2P clients have their own launchers, wich allows updates to the clients of security patches and a couple improvements. Replace all the update system with the Steam infrastructure requires more time due that it requieres re-adapt the database implementarion, upgrade methods, account validation and security systems and many another stuffs. By obvious reasons, this is not just create a tiny DB with MS SQL Server like in the another F2P publishing plattaforms.

5.- Acconditionate and check the system working. In this moment, Maiet is checking that the Open Beta Client is working well to avoid innecesary bugs that affects the game performance. All this stuff are need that Gunz 2 works on steam, even it takes more time in a complex plattaform like this.

6.- Policy.- Most of the F2P Publishing plattaforms have weak policies that allow the entry of lammers that use cheats and hacks to troll to the comunity of gammers. In Steam, the policy is severe and any try of cheating/hacking means a expulsion of the comunity.

And a few advices for Maiet:

Just confirm the release date if you are sure that all the infrastructure (databases, client, AC system, policy) are working OK. Don't feed the hype, please.

Give a separated client of the Beta of Gunz 2 such the Black Mesa Source[] does. We don't want another vaporware.

That's all.

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Axle Feb 3, 2014 @ 11:01pm 
You speak as if in fact but this is all in your opinion. I've played Spiral Knights on Steam.
They had their own launcher, they had their own gameguardish thing, they do not use VAC. And in games that don't have VAC, any ban will not affect your steam experience.

Steam does not provide servers for maiet, like aeria and ijji. Of course they would have control of their own product if they are paying for everything themselves.

Valve are not saints. They are a business. The only thing they give these greenlit games is the ability to advertise their game to the members of Steam. In exchange Valve gets a cut of the profit.

At the end of the day because Maiet are so hush hush with the end product we can do nothing but speculate and as I said this is all your opinion of what is happening off a complete generalization of the Steam experience.
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Necroscourge Feb 4, 2014 @ 11:32pm 
Before commenting on this post as if the OP is right, it's important to analyze every single damn instance of him being wrong in thinking any of this nonsense has anything to do with release dates. Such as he is in points #1 all the way to #6.

#1 Irrelevant

#2 Also Irrelevant, by nature all dev's have the ability to maintain their games except in cases of total IP control (Which is not the case here)

#3 VAC is a good protection, but like any other protection in existence it can and routinely is broken. While the Steam version will not be as hacker infested as the other versions that has nothing to do with the release.

#4 Launchers. As if this little peice of software has any bearing on pushing the game back week after week. Granted, maybe a day or two but hardly the cause of months of delays.

#5 If you know anything about software development you should realize right away why this is not true. Internal Testing, which we know has not been done since the game was released for Beta all over that other landmass, has nothing to do with it. Since the purpose of the Beta is for US to do that.

#6 Once again, if you know anything about the industry you know why he is wrong. Policies don't do jack♥♥♥♥♥♥and you know it. What however does protect against hackers is a college certified team of software designers majoring in network theory. Something that valve, in it's not being the OP, knows and that's why they have VAC. Not of course because some entitled punk put words to paper about how to behave ingame. Why? Because I have yet meet a public that actively tries to learn the game they play much less admit to reading the terms of agreement.
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