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Door Kickers
More_Badass Aug 3, 2013 @ 8:35am
Can someone explain these tactics?
Was browsing the Killhouse official forums and found a post about tactics that mentioned this:
"Everything from strong walling, L-formations, open doors, dead space, button hooks, rolling blockers, cross overs, snapping corners, etc etc."

I'm relative new to this game and genre and the only other game I've played that allowed this level of tactical freedom was Frozen Synapse. Could anyone expand on what those tactics are, their advantages, etc.
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Cmdr_Lysander Aug 18, 2013 @ 8:41am 
Don't quoye me on any of these, but I believe...

L-Formations: (I'm not sure, but they might be refering to High-Lowe)

Open Doors:
Tactics for entry into an open door environment, ie a room with no door (or open door). Which I would suggest your using a flashbang followed by a fast room entry (ie. Button Hook, Cross Over, etc...)

Dead Space: I must be honest.. I've no idea :(

Button Hook:

Rolling Blockers: I must be honest.. I've no idea :(

Cross Over:

Snapping Corners: Rather than me trying to explain I suggest you watch this 4 minute video as it goes into a lot of detail. Snapping corners is (in my opinion) is probably the default way of eentering a room with potential hostiles (tango's).

With regards to Frozen Synapse... I really did enjoy that game but I much prefer this one. i'm playing the Alpha 4 version at the moment so there is no story just 20+ standalone missions/maps. The concept is very similar but you can pause the game at any moment and you have full control of your troops. Great game. :)
More_Badass Aug 18, 2013 @ 10:40am 
Thanks. And yeah, I have the Alpha as well. Wanted to incorporate the tactics into my plans, that's why I was asking :)
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