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R2Keen2 Dec 30, 2013 @ 3:56pm
Trioxy (Dec 23rd '13 Build)
I started to play with this tonight and since there doesn't seem to be any other information out yet I guess I'll start us off. For those that aren't aware, Trioxy is a Synth program released in the Creator's Pack. Robin gave a short video demo of it back when the kickstarter was still running.

I have no musical set up of any kind so it converts certain keys of my typing keyboard into sound. (names are taken from console as I'm not musically minded so I don't know if this notation denotes octive changes or sharps and flats or something else entirely)
q C4 z C3 2 C#4 w D4 s C#3 x D3 3 D#4 e E4 d D#3 c E3 r F4 v F3 5 F#4 t G4 g F#3 b G3 6 G#4 y A4 h G#3 n A3 7 A#4 u B4 j A#3 m B3 i C5 9 C#5 o D5 0 D#5 p E5

F3 Toggles Multisampling (0, 4)
F4 Toggles Full Screen
F6 Toggles Master Volume (0, 0.1, 1)

F8 Command Prompt (F keys continue to work and now recognises ~ but I can't figure out anything I can do with it from this state other than closing it)

F9 Displays status of various elements.
F12 Exit Program

It has been said it is based on Sega Genesis but what each "chip" does I only understand in the vaguest of terms. You modify the dials on the chips by holding left mouse on its face and dragging away. Output node can be dragged to multiple times to different inputs, but input nodes only except one node.

Currently there are 5 Chips:
Yellow: Mixer Module (AM/RM Power, FM/PM Power, Mix Balance, Master Amp)
Blue: Equalizer (Cutoff Frequency, Input Crossfade, Amplification)
Purple: Envelope Generator (Attack Ansle, Decay Ansle, Sustain Level, Sustain Ansle, Release Ansle)
Orange: ??? (User Input Volume?, Toggle does what?)
Green: Low Frequency Oscillator? (AM/RM Power, FM/PM Power, Amplitude, Frequency)

I'll update this post as things get explained or I read up on synth to get a better grasp of this. Here is where I started:
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