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Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey
empertet Jul 29, 2013 @ 9:37am
Workshop compatibility would be awesome.
Bear with me here, it's going to be rant-y.

So I've been thinking about this for a while and at first I dissmissed myself with "Wouldn't work", But the creative aspect of my ego popped a few ideas on the table to get the ball rolling and I think with the right ideas it could work:
So Zoé's image was a split point for fans of the series (mainly about her hair, which was... yeah.), but what if we where handed the reins that little bit more? In the form of a creation kit of sorts?
We could edit the charactors, do texture tune-ups, fan-fixes (Not saying I expect the game to be broken but fan-fixes are among some of the best, DA:O stands as a testament to that), and with a bit more freedom we could make and trade puzzles in the community, Maybe even tweak any combat to a differant style (Zoé does kickboxing in Dreamfall, but what if we could build on it and make combos?) Maybe even throw in aspects of differant game genres?
I could see the community doing some pretty mental/fun stuff with this (like a Roper Klacks sidekick for absolutely no reason whatsoever.) What are your two cents?

(Please forgive any spelling errors but Steam doesn't have a spellcheck engine [that I know of atleast])
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A Cat Jun 3, 2014 @ 4:36pm 
I bump this so hard. I was thinking of starting a dicussion about mods and alike. I would like to see this game having a huge array of different graphical and art style mods to choose from. The game's universe is so rich it could really be one of the great modding communities DA:O style if the accessability is there.

I am very excited at the announcement of this game, and also at the prospect of being able to contribute my own ideas to the wonderful Longest Journey universe. Dreamfall had one tweak, I think, to fix Zoe's eyebrows, or something like that, it seemed a very inconvenient game to mod. The high-quality of story in this game could well spur an opening for tons of side quest add-ons from the community. I would like the option to mod this game for extra content, as there is never a sufficent amount of Dreamfall in your life at any given moment, and a playthrough as long as the prior game left me dissatisfied, I wanted more!

I am delighted the cliffhanger that has still bugged me to this day, will get it's due conclusion. However, the replay value that is given by a tweakable experience would certainly be appreciated :)
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