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Planet Explorers
Radeon 4870 an game still crash (amdocl.dll)
Hey everyone,
My game keep on crashing everytime cause:

amdocl.dll caused an Access Violation <-?

what to do to play this game?
I've installed the new AMD SDK with opencl support for my graphic card but this still wont work :/

My card is an Sapphire Radeon 4870 with latetest Catalyst 13.1

Pls help.
(Sorry for my bad spelling/English, i'm from Germany xD)
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Entropy Aug 8, 2013 @ 6:50am 
Yes i have a laptop mobility radeon HD 4650 from sony :p which means sony tried to control people needing custom drivers for it. But thanks to AMD/ATI who have made their drivers compatible with the old gcards.

Solution: first goto the AMD website > support for drivers > find my drivers: then download the utility that will wipe all catalyst drivers and software, don't worry you won't need to install a lower beta driver. Then download the driver for a 4000 series radeon version 13.4 with the lattest openCL driver. it's all one package :), use the unistall all catalyst drivers and software utility (aggressively!) and then click no when it asks to reboot, then "shutdown" your computer, restarting doesn't do nice things. When it's restarted, install the drivers you downloaded with the utility before all this, and click no for reboot, and shutdown again then wallah! you have the latest drivers with openCL for your custom gcard ^.^
Entropy Aug 8, 2013 @ 6:54am 
Yes it has to be done this wway if you want the openCL to work properly, if you unistall the drivers without using their wipe tools it will still be on your computer anyway and not allow for a clean driver install.
Also be sure to launch the game in administrator mode. or launch the launcher in admin mode.
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