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Planet Explorers
weemcast Apr 13, 2013 @ 2:48am
The adventure begins!
I tried this game last year, sometime in September iirc, and it had enough issues to keep me from playing it more than 10-15 minutes. However, upon returning to it last week I found it is working quite well for me, and I've really been enjoying myself. A lot of the fun playing games in these early stages (for me) is imagining the potential the game has - and this one has a lot.

I started a new (YouTube) series for PE and thought I would share that here, for those interested! Here's the first episode...

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weemcast Apr 19, 2013 @ 2:07pm 
Just a quick update here, to mention that I now have 5 episodes in this series! I'm really enjoying the game, and look forward to doing many more ;)

Episode 2: The Turrets

Episode 3: The Base Setup

Episode 4: The Quests

Episode 5: The Hunter (I try my hand at French in this one!)
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