endercase Aug 11 @ 2:05pm
incompatible mods/ game breaking crashes
I am using Steam skyrim with full DLC (Wyrmstooth then hotfixes loading in first) and SKSE

Sjel Blad Castle
both Wyrmtooth hotfixes
both Marriable Serana
Allow interatctions (Vampire Lord / Werewolf)
Unread books glow

Crashes so far:
Getting off the ship I had several crashes (I had to go to Ft. Moonwatch then talk to L.L.)
When I first walked into the(IMS) (if I walk directly in)
Randomly if I try to interact with something
And as of right now I am crashing right after LL talkes to me in the Imperial Mining settlement (IMS).

mods that caused me to crash: Lanterns of Skyrim - All in One

Anyway list your crashes so that noobs (like me) can fix their problems without having to have a Q&A.
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