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Elysion Aug 13, 2013 @ 6:03am
Gender select
Hello! I tried the beta and the game seems acceptably worthy of considering purchase, but one thing is making me hesitant!

Since the characters are these tiny little sprites anyway, and their personality is essentially a sound they make when taking damage... why not modulate that sound files pitch up some, then add a gender select to the menu?

I am a huge pervert and the idea of a tiny almost unidentifiable female sprite slaughtering scores of tiny bat sprites gets me excited! I'm sure that's like 12 fetishes right there somehow!

But every time i hear that grunt it becomes a DREAM SHATTERING whiplash as my body is wretched from the infinite immersive bliss of the games highly detailed environment back into the soul crushing reality that is the fact that I am not the magical warrior maiden of purity and unintentional blissful lewdness and innocents that i yearn to be. Surely I am not alone in this tragic depression!

Remember, sex sells! Upgrade your classes with female combat sound toggle today!

Such a voice could also be suitable stand in for effeminate male wizard archetype and thus you would be making a killing selling to harry potter crowd as well! It really seems like a highly efficient and worthwhile expenditure of time, please consider!

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danly Aug 13, 2013 @ 1:15pm 

While I agree with adding gender selection, your reasoning is... Well, to each their own.
my attempt at drawing a female wizard:

without scrapping helmets and hoods to put on hair it will be quite hard.
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Elysion Aug 14, 2013 @ 6:19am 
Dont need to change the sprites (though that would be nice). Just modulate the 'getting hit' sound to a higher pitch and you are good to go. A female in (proper) armor or big heavy robes looks a lot like a male. Im kind of going for a 'pyro is a girl' type effect here.

Since there are already different color options for the sprites making pink an option could also work!

That said current wizard, if female, would be kind of frumpy. But what do you expect of someone who spends their entire lives locked away studying arcane tomes and having little social contact?!

Another comparison would be to minecraft, how they eventually took out the male 'getting hit' noise that plays. Im sure they did this so it wouldn't be totally awkward for people who used female skins!
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