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Project Temporality
oreotitan Jan 24, 2013 @ 6:29pm
First of all let me say i think this game is going to be amazing and its an awesome consept. But from the trailer it appears evident, due to the severed head, that there will be some hazards in this game. Id like to know what those would be. is it going to be like portal with the acid pits and turret droids, or like will there be an enemy. do you guys who read think that this game needs hazards or would it be good as just a puzzle game?
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DefrostGames  [developer] Jan 24, 2013 @ 11:42pm 
Hi the severed head is actually from the back story and setting more than what will happen in the actual game-play. However we do have hazards the character won't survive a drop over 6 meter, There are lethal floor areas, and we have lasers which while not directly hazardous can easily push you into on of the other hazards and those kill you. Since you can just rewind time when you die this is not really a problem and it allows us to create a much greater variety of puzzles.

In an earlier prototype we did have some puzzles which used pulse cannons where the player could survive a certain amount of hits other all his time-lines and in some puzzles you were required to get hit but you had to figure out a way to solve the puzzle without getting hit to much.

The trailer is just showing an inkling of the game-play at the moment. because you can't cram to much into a single trailer.
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