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Freedom Planet
GARS Sep 24, 2013 @ 4:50pm
Just an opinion about the new HUD
First I wanted to say that I found the game amazing, the music and the 16-bit style are things that I like in a game.

However, when I installed the new version 1.4 of the Demo, I realized that the HUD had changed.
Well, here I leave my opinion, I found the HUD too simple compared to version 1.3's HUD. Perhaps others may disagree or find it too stupid to take that into consideration, but I just wanted to give a warning to the game get better, even if minimally.

Thank you, and sorry if there are some errors with my English.
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Shane TC Oct 8, 2013 @ 9:18am 
I agree with you on this. I do prefer the previous HUD over the current one. Specifically the health bar, and the only thing I would've changed is the order the petals on the flower appeared. The new one is more user friendly though, because the flower was quite ambiguous previously and for a while I didn't even realize it was my health meter.

The newer one shows the petals side-by side underneath your power meter and makes it easier to realize is a life meter once you take a hit and a petal shrinks or disappears, thanks to being in plain sight. Formerly, you would have to pay attention to the 'flower', which was tough due to it being way up in the corner.
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