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War Thunder
Holy Athena Apr 19, 2013 @ 12:47am
Lady Athena's Review of War Thunder
Hey guys. I've made a few Reviews on some other games. I'm quite outspoken, but fair in my evaluation. I really love War Thunder, and want to write this review so players can get a non bias view of the game before they try it. I also see people are going into it and not fully understanding things, then coming back onto here and saying "this game sucks!!!!1!!!"..

I've deemed to understand, that most people who dislike War Thunder, simply dislike flying games or simulation games in general, and have no real basis other than that to dislike the game. The game itself is great, if you dislike the game, thats fine, but that doesn't mean the game sucks in and of itself, its just not your style.

Now onto the Review:

War Thunder is a game which atm, has Planes of the U.S. German, British, and Japanese. They Range from Tier 0 to up to tier 20 or more.

Its Important to note here before I start going in depth, that the game caters to many type of players. Whether you like arcade action, or full realism. There are 3 different game modes to choose from.

Arcade: In Arcade the Flight models, and handling of planes is very arcade like, its impossible to stall, and all the damage is heightened, including plane mechanics heightend to un realistic levels. This is for more fast paced shoot em up style of playing. There is Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Fuel, Fires do alot less damage, if none at all, and can continue flying, etc.

Also you can fly each plane in your hangar of that nation you choose once per battle, so if you jump into your U.S. planes for that fight, you can fly all your U.S. planes you currently have in that fight once.

This mode is most like World of Tanks if you've played that. Where each nations planes can all play on the same team, or same side.

Historical Battles: Historical Battles pits Nation vs Nation. If you choose to fly as your German planes for instance, you'll be on the German team, with -ONLY- German planes. These are actually Historical battles which took place in real life.

However, the difficulty is heightened a bit. You get only 1 life. You can only use 1 plane, and when that plane gets shot down, your done for that match. Limited Ammo, and Limited fuel as well, and the flight mechanics are more realistic.

However, dont let that deter you. The game maps are very big, with plenty of space to move around and choose your targets. It also is not a big furball of a mess like Arcade.

Full Realism Battle: This is Full Realism, Cockpit View only, limited ammo, limited fuel, and again, only 1 life. However they work exactly like Historical Battle, just with 100% realistic flight controls, etc. and limiting you to cockpit view only.

Note: In all of these game modes you can land at an Airbase to re arm, Refuel, and repair your aircraft.

Also Note, if you like Bombers, Bombers are most useful in Historical Battles, and Full Realism. Due to the heightened damage, and unrealistic flight models in Arcade, bombers tend to get shot down in seconds in Arcade. Historical Battle they are worth alot more, and you can actually shoot down or heavily damage enemy aircraft with your gunners in Historical Battles.

In Full Realism, they are totally brutal to enemy planes.


Your Crew:

A nice feature of War Thunder, is that every "slot" is essentially a crew. Each of these crews has skills which you can level up through exp you recieve everytime they level up from using that "Crew"

Each "Crew" or slot can also be trained into unlimited number of Aircraft, and their skills transfer to those Aircraft they are trained in.

You can even train up your "Ground Crew", If your plane gets shot down, and you dont want to pay the repair cost, you can wait for your crew to passively fix your plane. You can even rank up the speed they repair the aircraft at, making it faster.

For instance, say I'm flying my BF 109, I get shot down, and its 20% damaged. It'll take 3 hours to repair. I can then switch in a new plane on that crew that that crew is trained in, and take off again, while my ground crew passively repairs my BF 109 without any cost to me.

Or I can pay the repair cost and get it instantly repaired.

As they repair the plane, the repair cost will also go down. So say Its 20% damaged and will cost me 1,200 to repair.. But I don't want to pay that, I play a few games, and now its at 70% damaged, and now its only 400 to repair. Ok, thats do-able, so I repair the rest of it instantly for 400.


Your Plane:

As you rank up in skill, You can unlock decals for your plane, more equipment, etc. While its not unbalancing like World of Tanks, it simply allows you for more options. All these options are Historically accurate as well.

You can unlock Free camo, and free decals, free of charge, and place them anywhere on your aircraft, re size them, and flip them.


I've seen alot of players both on Steam, and on the forums complain about how crappy the game is due to "OP" planes, or "OP" nations. While yes this is still beta, and for some planes there are still un finished flight models (I.E. how they act in the air), making them unrealistic, either over powered slightly or under powered. They are fixing this constantly, as its still beta, and they know which planes flight models are not finished.

However, I find that 95% of these complaints are simply due to people refusing to learn how to use their planes.

Gaijin has said they are going off of historical accuracy, which means, German BF 109's are going to act exactly how they did irl. Just like the Spitfire will. Which both do already.

THe biggest complaining at the moment I'm seeing is that Germans are OP.. and this isn't due to the fact they actually are. Its due to the fact players simply dont understand and refuse to learn how to fight them. So I'll use this as an example.

BF 109's are Velocity or Inertia fighters, they are great climbers and divers, and the way they fight is to go higher than Spits can reach faster, and dive down on them, and back up again.

Spitfires however, are turn fighters (this is how a mass majority of players play, they just turn turn turn turn turn to fight). However when they see a BF 109 "buzz" or strafe them, then fly away, they try to chase, often times running out of speed far before that BF 109 will, and lag behind. THen complain how OP BF 109's are....

Dont play into the BF 109's game. There are more than enough ways to counter them. Remember, Just because you see an enemy doesn't mean you have to chase or engage him. Make him play on your field, make him play to your game, If your in a Spitfire force him to turn fight you. If he refuses, don't play into his game. Remember, there is limited ammo, he can't do it forever. One good sharp turn at the right time when a BF 109 is diving on you can totally screw up his attack run.

The whole point of this is, learn how your planes fought, and use that. If you do that in Historical Battles, and Full Realism Battles, you wont be getting angry, as things will make sense. Learn your opponents strengths and weaknesses. (Note Arcade none of this matters, as all planes are turn fighters in arcade, due again to the heightend flight models in arcade, making all planes act very unnaturally and over powered)


This game has alot more to it as wel. Dynamic Campaigns, Solo missions, free flight, and even a Battle Recorder which always records all your games, allowing you to watch previous battles from anyones point of view. Even if Online multiplayer is not your thing, the Single Player missions, and Dynamic Campaigns are definetly worth a look by themselves.


Ground and Ships:

Ground and Ships atm are not Implimented. Ships are planned to be released this year however. Most likely somewhere in the summer.


If I've missed anything important, or you have questions please leave a comment here, and I'll either add it, or answer it :) Please be respectful and courteous for risk feeling my wrath. <3


I've made a few Videos, so I'll leave them here for you to watch if you wish. Please feel free to comment on those as well if you wish. They were all captured in Historical Battles on Multiplayer.

First Video I made:


Third (and personal favorite):

I also made a story with this one:
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bubi Apr 29, 2013 @ 7:40pm 
Sweet reply, i share your opinion on the US/Brit pilots which constantly complains about the zooming and booming german planes. A simple barrel roll will give the german pilot so little room for success, and flying with a wingman will have the enemy energyfighter slaughtered in a few go's.

Nice review!
Holy Athena Apr 29, 2013 @ 8:40pm 
Originally posted by jerry man:
Sweet reply, i share your opinion on the US/Brit pilots which constantly complains about the zooming and booming german planes. A simple barrel roll will give the german pilot so little room for success, and flying with a wingman will have the enemy energyfighter slaughtered in a few go's.

Nice review!

Thank you ^.^
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