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War Thunder
Warhead2121 Apr 4, 2013 @ 9:50pm
I feel like this game needs to have at least 64 player multiplayers in order to make the game have a chaotic and war like atmosphere. Currently in the game there just aren't that many people in game making it almost impossible to use bombers or any other ground attack craft. Fighters who can't find a quick engagement automatically climb to the high altitudes bombers are at giving most bomber pilots one or two bombing runs before their just singled out by the enemy team. Their needs to be more chaos involved in this game, more engagements, and less players trailing after one guy. This leads to friendly fire and downright mid air collisions. With more people in a game there’s no reason for 6 guys to gang up on one plane, they can go off and engage in other battles. And if you believe that this will lead to people crashing even more due to their being so many people flying in one area, you are wrong. The maps in this game are massive and only a fraction of the space is actually used. All the developers need to do is make 1 or 2 more spawn points on each team’s side of the map and to place even more ground units on the frontline. This would make it the game feel like an actual war is going on and not a small skirmish fight. What do you guys think?