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Darkfall Unholy Wars
Cliff Ascent Dec 25, 2012 @ 5:48pm
[NA1] Imperial Reach: Organized, Tactical, Skilled, Mature (ages 18+)
Server: NA1
TeamSpeak 3:

Imperial Reach
We rule over these lands!

What We're About

Our goal is simple, to maintain a skilled team of mature, tactical, team players and conquer the lands! We're dedicated to building an army of skilled PvP players, and providing them the tools necessary to capture their piece of Agon. Our clan is focused on large scale PvP, sieges, capturing holdings, naval warfare, and partaking in the Darkfall political game.

Imperial Reach is here to expand the wealth and prosperity of not just our members, but the entire world of Darkfall. We do not grief to satisfy a need to troll, we choose to fight with honor and nobility. The members of our clan are mature, fun, hard working (both in-game and real life) team players, we do not waste time with trolls, griefers, cry baby’s, quitters, cheaters, drama queens, kill hogs, loud mouths, or any other type of annoyance.

How we Operate

Imperial Reach is a military structured clan that specializes in coordinated, large scale warfare. We bring together skilled, mature, team oriented players and mold them into an important part of a well oiled machine. Thanks to our organization, tiered communication system, tactics, and military command structure, we're able to seamlessly lead an army of dozens, and even hundreds, all on the same battlefield.

Though we are a military structured clan, Imperial Reach is not a “military simulation” clan, there are no mundane tasks, “Yes Sir”, or other strict formalities to follow. Our military structure is designed to enhance our forces and allow us to serve our main goal, have a blast conquering our enemies!

Have questions? Join us in TeamSpeak 3 at address

We maintain a structured environment to maximize our members effectiveness and allow them to achieve their goals in Darkfall. Our clans does it's best to ensure all members are properly geared for battle, crafters are supplied to equip our army, and our empire is constantly growing. Our clan excels at team based warfare and is constantly working on our members team and individual PvP skills.

Rank Structure
Imperial Reach uses a rank structure similar to the US Army, it's just a bit simplified for our gaming needs. Members of the rank Sergeant and above have special duties assigned to them, such as leading squads or recruitment, and at any point may choose to be relived of those responsibilities and go back to simply kicking butt. Leadership is not a mark of seniority, it's a designation of responsibility within the clan, preventing us from having "too many Chiefs and not enough Indians".

Award System
Imperial Reach uses a wide range of medals, badges and ribbons to recognize it’s members and their achievements. As a member of our Darkfall clan, you get a true sense of accomplishment unlike any other clan. Through the tracking of member achievements, we can ensure members of the higher ranks are worthy of the rights and responsibilities of their rank.

Tactical Training
Imperial Reach and it’s members are constantly working on a wide range of training designed to demonstrate proper team play, develop strong combat fundamentals, and share game specific tips and tactics. We do our best to ensure our members team and individual PvP skills are top notch.

What Imperial Reach Offers

Organization – We maintain a structured environment to ensure all members have all of the training, gear, and teamwork necessary to achieve their goals.

Brotherhood – When you are a member of our clan, you will be with individuals who share similar ideas and values, which will form into a brotherhood and long lasting friendships.

Recognition – Our ranking and awards structure is engineered to recognize our members and their achievements — members who put in the effort get a true sense of accomplishment unlike any other clan.

Coordination – Chaotic and random teams are a thing of the past! With our structure and training, all members of Imperial Reach are ready, willing, and able to work together in a coordinated effort on the battlefield.

Training – Our training courses and schools are designed to teach, train, and even test our players to use proven and effect battlefield tactics.

Events and Prizes – Our events are held several times per month providing great entertainment, comradery and the opportunity to win great prizes.

Servers and Website – We are equipped with a top-notch TeamSpeak 3 server and website, which are designed to provide a high level of organization and member activities.

Requirements to Join

  • Be 18 years of age or older, and have a mature personality.
  • You must be capable of holding your own in PvP. We'll help new players learn the game and build their skills, but only if they demonstrate a solid ability to learn and grow.
  • Have a working microphone and participate in TeamSpeak when online.
  • Able to play with Imperial Reach enough to not be a stranger.

How to Join

Want to join our Darkfall clan? Come talk to one of our members in TeamSpeak 3 at and we'll help you with the recruitment process.
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