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Darkfall Unholy Wars
Brando[SSR|MG] Dec 17, 2012 @ 3:56pm
[NA] Silver Sun Republic / - Serve Alongside the Best
The Republic of the Silver Sun is a guild that strives to accomplish it's goals organized in a historically based context from the Italian Renaissance City-States such as Venice. The guild is organized for efficiency and flexibility, and is less about the "fluff" you find in many roleplaying guilds.

In Darkfall: Unholy Wars we will fill the role of the Condotta, Italian for "contract" that formed the mercenary groups that fought for and against the city-states of Renaissance Italy. We are 'contracted' in the same way the Condotta were to the Kingdom of Hyperion which means we are permanent members, but will fulfill contracts and duties to train and organize other groups in order to stay sharp in PvP and combat. Rather than running around padding the zergs, we will do quite the opposite. We will train your group to fight as a team and become more effective on the field. What we offer is something much longer lasting and valuable to your community.

We were around at the launch of Darkfall 1.0 as a member of the Kingdom of Hyperion and occupied the city of Ghulgat. Close friendships and years of gaming together mean we are bringing back many of our members from that time. Darkfall: Unholy Wars appears to be addressing many of the issues we had with the original, so we will be playing long term.

In addition, we are exclusively associated with Many of our members are active duty, reserve, or retired US Military, and we have developed close ties with this community. They are always looking for the best fight around, so we will no doubt be drawing from their ranks for Darkfall:UW. Those with a military background will feel right at home and will appreciate our approach to the game.

If you want more information you can listen to the podcast done by Brando with MMOSmackTalk discussing Hyperion,, SSR and organizing for MMOs here:

If you are interested, please make your way to the following sites:
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Brando[SSR|MG] Dec 23, 2012 @ 3:03pm 
If you're looking for a group to game with then take a listen with your earballs steam://openurl/
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