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Darkfall Unholy Wars
Grumbagz Dec 10, 2012 @ 6:44am
Defiance is a tight knit clan that is determined to stay that way through 2.0. With that said, the population in Darkfall is bound to be at peak levels, so we realize we will need to add a few to this core. We are currently looking to add 4 to 5 members to Defiance and the clan rules are as follows:

1. Be in mumble/Comms at all times. The one person out of comms is usually the one to die or cause the group to engage at a bad time.
2. Listen to calls. Playing by yourself during solo pvp is one thing, when fighting with the group we all have to play/move together.
3. Get yourself involved. We are looking for people who are actively trying to help the guild. Whether that be forming pvp/pve groups or gathering for the city, there is always something you can do for the clan. Generally what benefits the clan is going to benefit you.
4. Progress you character and personal skill level. Sitting at the bank isn't going to get you or your character better. If you’re grinded out for the day, participate in duels. Always try to advance yourself.
5. Have fun. That’s why we all play the game. What’s fun for us is winning, but to do that we must enjoy playing together, and learn to fight well as a group. Darkfall at its core is a Clan based game, so enjoy the people you play with. Don't blow up on clan mates, ♥♥♥♥ happens, move on and get better from it.

If you can play by these rules and feel that Defiance could be the clan for you can apply to Defiance at Any Questions outside of recruitment (merc work, politics, ect.) can be sent to either me or Thomar Allcing on the darkfall forums, or on our website.
Here are some videos of darkfall 1.0. Made by Defiance members.
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